Cardano 1.3 Network and Filesystem Improvements benchmark video



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Cardano 1.3 Performance Improvements for August 2018

Congrats, atm I couldn’t say what else could be improved. Imo clearly explained, not to fast or to slow and even details like increased speed of 1.2 when 1.3 finished are mentioned.


Restoration time could also be included in the next video.

Other than that, your tests are pretty thorough and nicely presented. Smile more, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:


You are absolutely correct hayamoto, I need to smile more :grin: thanks!


Great video, thanks @rickymac! Great to see the real impact of 1.3 performance improvements! :grinning:


Does anyone knows if PHILPA is in this forum? I watched almost all of his videos
and I like the way he expound his insight and thoughts about crypto especially CARDANO.


I think he is on here as Phillipe, but I can’t be certain. He is such a very good speaker and lays it all out nicely.


This is superb - thanks so much for doing this Rick @rickymac :slight_smile:


yes it’s here.


Great video again Rick.


Here. Thanks for the kind words and support.


You bet Jon. I’m glad to help.


Thanks Philippe, you have some great videos there too on your channel.