Well done to the Cardano Development Team!

Just want to extend my gratitude and compliments for the hugely dramatic contrast in the performance between the previous Daedalus version and the new update that I just installed: Version: 2.2.0

Before, each time I opened it, it was taking 5-10 minutes, maybe more (certainly more if I didn’t keep opening it to synchronise every day and left it for a few days) until it was finished and my PC was working hard and getting hot (laptop on a cooler that is).

Opening 2.2.0 now and everything was done in a fraction of the time, talking seconds - marvellous! I must admit I was concerned that the performance surely couldn’t be improved and optimised as much as this but you’ve truly delivered again!

Hope you will enjoy an ice cold beer or maybe even, an ‘Old Fashioned’ to celebrate!

:beers: :tumbler_glass: :partying_face: