after the last 2 updates the time for conneting to network/verifing the blockchain and syncing has gone up very much i realy dont no why? on the end it comes up but it takes dam to much time before 4.0.0 its was much faster,everything is ok with my computer net connetion fast as hell etc etc and i keep my syncing always above 99.50% but still slow slow pls mr charles h.&iohk work on that​:upside_down_face::wink::crazy_face:

My time has significantly sped up since the update. It takes me less then a minute from clicking Daedalus to open, sync and be read for transactions. It used to be about 3 minutes before.
Did you make sure you have enough space left on your HD/SSD for your OS to properly operate? It usually needs at least 10GB free.

thanks for reply mate,i think i have much space left on my hd i thought i have 385.5 gb free left ,wil have a look tomorrow its a clean os not loaded any other stuff on this computer and never wil. many thanks have a nice celebration with cardano​:partying_face::partying_face: smartcontracts era​:boom::boom: