Cardashift launchpad check out the plataform, how to vote and find out about the projects #cardano

All projects details are available here :arrow_right: : Cardashift Launchpad

Tutorial how to recover your wallet using Eternl but the process is the same for every wallet. You need to do the process using FLINT or NAMI

If you register your wallet you would be able to get 10 voting tickets

Mark your calendars to not miss their pitches & Register here: Cardashift Demo Day Tickets, Mon, May 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

To prepare yourself for the event, let’s remind ourselves of the 10 social and environmental projects of the first Batch! :arrow_down_small:

:point_right: Welcome Place: Accelerate the refugees’ and all newcomers’ social and economic inclusion via a marketplace that gives immigrants fast and direct access to essential services, such as bank account, internet, job…

:point_right: JUA: Transform organic waste into renewable energy and biofertilizers

:point_right: Aquaverse: Use the power of sea sponges to depollute our oceans and seas from micro pollution!

:point_right: Pyxo: Build the biggest network of reusable food containers, from plate to washing center

:point_right: Asilimia: Create a digital bookkeeping app enabling African microbusinesses to manage all of their finances in one place

:point_right: Carboneo: Decrease the industrial carbon footprint by Capturing and recycling carbone dioxide into useful chemicals

:point_right: Develop a search engine for Africa that shares 30% of its revenue with NGOs that tackle sustainable development goals in Africa

:point_right: Yeasty: Produce a delicious, nutritious and sustainable protein-rich super-ingredient for the food industry

:point_right: HelloSavana: Connect local fresh food producers with vendors and consumers via a transparent and equitable food system

:point_right: Revolte, e-garages: Create a network of garages and mechanics specialized in the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles

Discover them now on the launchpad: Cardashift Launchpad