Catalyst is back with Fund 10

Project Catalyst is back. Cardano has one superpower. That is a committed community eager to build, and a project treasury from which anyone can raise funds if they convince the ADA stakers of their idea. Thus, the Cardano ecosystem is not dependent on VC funds. It has its own project and treasury to sustain itself. The Catalyst project has been put on hold to give the team time to fine-tune the processes and improve infrastructure. Fund 10 has been announced and is scheduled to start on 21 June 2023.

There are currently 1.26 billion ADA coins in the Cardano treasury. These coins are the property of all ADA stakers who can decide how they are used. We believe that at this point new projects are already in the pipeline to apply for Catalyst funding.


Cardano is arguably the largest DAO in the blockchain industry thanks to Catalyst. 354K people voted in Fund 9. That’s a quarter of all ADA stakers. The Catalyst team needed time to reflect and incorporate feedback from the Cardano community. After a break, it’s back in an improved format.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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Awesome news!

Heya - great write up. Tho would be careful to suggest votes cast equals people. One person can cast multiple votes - and is not representative of number of people voting.

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