Catalyst Project Looks for people fluent in english and a foreign language with presentation skills

Hi there,

i’m having a proposal for Catalyst i’m entering but i still look for team members for it with the main characteristics

  • fluent in english and a foreign language ( being a translator is a plus but at least you need to be fluent in both of them ( or even more ))
    -Being able to present/explain something clearly
    -Tech knowledge is a plus, but an understanding of the basic lingo ( or willingness to learn it ) is needed
    -Being passionate about a good cause ( for their local community )
    -Most of all being very motivated and have a positive energy & have personality

I m intrested in all languages but especially looking for people talking African languages very urgently.

I’m also looking for developpers in different areas that want to be part of a larger collective in which i have installed incentivised solidarity and marketing strategies and a collaboration between all entities making use of their specific skills and receiving aid from the other members. Great tech skills meet great commercial and marketing professionals.

So those who can find themselves in either of the above profile and are eager to actively be a part and build on a project themselves let me know so we can have a face-to-face call in skype.

What’s the proposal about? No African languages here though.

Hi there I am fluent in Farsi. Please let me know if you are still pursuing the proposal.

here English and spanish 39 years old can work full time