CF stakepool registry - the one in Incentivized Testnet will also be used in Mainnet?

I am a stakepool operator wannabe and have read many discussions here in this forum about stakepool setup, delegation, etc. Now, since the official stakepool will be ofcourse be running on Mainnet sometime in future, those that are registered in ITN now, will be the same stakepools in Mainnet? If you are already a registered stakepool in ITN, will you have to do the registration process again when Mainnet arrives?

Your answer here will help us decide for my stakepool setup strategy for Mainnet.

  • adalapuz

Hello @adalapuz

Pretty sure you have to register your stakepools again on mainnet, since you had to pay 50 or 500 tADA to register your stakepool on the ITN. But wait for offical information from offical source :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


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OK, I guess the process have to repeat. Now I worry about ticker names conflict if someone else gets to register first the ticker you like on mainnet. I hope the approval process of Cardano Foundation will handle this. Anyway, thanks for your answer @Zyroxa