Changing the pledge amount

Question: If I want to change the amount of pledge, what happens with the 500 ADA deposit that is sent with the Stake Pool Registration? I’m hoping to re-invest my pool rewards into my pledge. If I send in a 2nd registration to change the pledge amount, do I lose the original 500 ADA deposit or does a 2nd registration not require a deposit.

Thanks for the info…

U pay the 500 ADA (pool registration cost) only once… and you will receive them back when u will retire the pool;

Stake pool owners are constantly updating/registering their certificate to increase the pledge, change the margin, change the metadata…etc. This is a normal behavior that you need to do and will do in the future.

Your 500 ADA are safe, and you will not be asked to pay again.

Just make sure that you have transferred the pledge to your pool before changing the pledge amount.

so to submit new registration certificate with altered pledge pool owner doesn’t need to pay 500 ada again? how to perform transaction then? to pay only fee?

Coincashew guide… step 18.4

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Quick question on this, I’d like to change my pledge and assign the difference to another pool to “kick in” in 2 epochs, much like one would do using Yoroi. Is this possible or do I need to do these two steps manally/separately…as in change the pledge…wait for 2 epochs to pass, then delegate the difference to the other pool?

If u will want to decrease the pledge… then yes, u must wait 2 epochs after u send the certificate, otherwise u will receive the message pledge not met and if u will create blocks u will not receive rewards

Got it. So for the new pool to which I’m redirecting some of my pledge as delegation, it would effectively be a 4 epoch turn around before that one kicks in, am I calculating that correctly?

Oops edit: Also the 2 epoch time period would begin in the upcoming epoch as #1 of these 2, yes? (assuming I did the new cert today)

TBH I don’t know if u should wait 1 or 2 epoch… but u can make a test after the next snapshot; try to remove a small amount from the pledge and check if u receive the pledge not met message on … if u will receive then u must wait for the 2nd snapshot

Then after u will delegate to the pool u must wait 2 snapshots till the delegation will be active

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Cool, thank you!

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Can we remove some funds from pledge? I followed coin cashew guide for pool setup. and now, I’m looking to remove funds from pledge and send them back to exchange. What commands are recommended to do this? Thanks.

hi, you can find the steps on coincashew guide STEP 18.x send a simple transaction

Hi Alex,
So steps would be,

  1. Change pledge amount.
  2. Send a simple transaction (I’m not sure which key contains fund)

Does the above steps look good?

yes, but if you will want to reduce the pledge, u must declare the new pledge and wait 2 epochs before to remove funds from pledge, otherwise you will see pledge not met error.

Okay, I’ll perform 1 step and wait for 2 epochs. Do you know which keys have funds for pledge?(payment key/stake key)

you will need both… payment.skey should cointain the spendable funds and stake.skey the rewards (unspendable funds)