Charles Hoskinson | A Year in Review for Cardano in 2018

The humble approach to the decentralized space of crypto that this guy display’s in this video is freakin awesome!
Millions of dollars invested toward research and then open sourced so that liberty in finance can be realized through Cardano or another project is deserving of some type of award, good job IOHK team!


Hey guys and happy new year! I wanted to contribute a bit in the community as I see many great summaries:

0:08 A very long year (History of Cardano)
2:24 So where are we at today? (review of status)
3:04 The biggest silent victory - formal methods (describing formal methods and the people who have worked on it)
5:05 Applying formal methods to the second phase of Cardano (discussing implementation)
7:35 So where are we going to go in 2019? (discussing accounting and computation)
11:23 The problem is the execution of these ideas has been missing academic rigor (details the research process that has been done by IOHK)
13:38 Create a domain specific model (on complex financial transaction and program language theory)
14:51 We created two programming languages one is called Marlowe and the other is called Plutus (Marlowe paper - also discusses how Haskell can be used together with these two languages.)
16:59 Another invention we came up with this year - chimeric assets (paper on chimeric assets, Charles mentions this will be coming to Cardano 2019 and will allow people to issue there own assets)
19:26 Need to connect our systems to other systems (discusses sidechains among other things - proof of stake sidechains paper and proof of work sidechains paper)
20:57 Start with interoperability with Etherium (goes into Runtime verification work on KEVM and IELE)
23:30 A very productive year (goes into how they will keep the lessons from 2018 and move faster in 2019 with more features than the competitors)
24:46 On the other hand I can feel the community frustration (discusses how it looks like others is making progress and how it compares with the progress Cardano has done and on scientific papers and conferences - oh and Charles briefly mentions the possibility of retiring and raising giraffes :slight_smile: )
29:19 So it’s been a long year for Cardano (discusses growth of company in future and how it is more than a product for IOHK and how it can impact real life problems all over the world.)
33:25 Also going to see a movement of the platform from a simple cryptocurrency built by a company to an actual open source project (Discussing how there will be a Cardano proposal protocol)


Thanks to putting it up there it really helped me make extra sense :+1: