Charles Hoskinson Brief Update on the Upcoming Epoch 13/08/2020

Charles Hoskinson Brief Update on the Upcoming Epoch 13/08/2020

On August 13, Charles Hoskinson sat down to talk about the [upcoming epoch]( where blocks will begin to be mined by stake pool operators.

Landmark moment

We are just about to enter the next epoch.This will be the first time that an entity outside of IO will make a block. More and more SPOs will begin generating blocks and soon, all of the blocks will be generated by stakepool operators as the d-parameter is decayed. Given that this is an important occasion in the history of Cardano, we have decided to generate merchandise for the stake pools lucky enough to generate the first blocks.

This is a sign of appreciation for the things that SPOs do. It also shows that they are a part of the history of decentralization. In the future, people may not think much about stake pools making blocks. However, this is a great moment for Cardano. We are currently working through some exotic edge cases with some wallet backend and Daedalus improvements. Most of the exchanges are green at the moment and those that are red are quickly going green.

Upgrading exchanges

Bittrex has been the most difficult to upgrade, but we remind everyone that we only have to go through these growing pains once. For the SPOs that are going through this with us we thank you for being here throughout. Decentralization is coming quickly and we are looking forward to examining the data which comes back to us from the operation of the network.

Cardano is a special and amazing project. Our best days are ahead of us and we believe that this is the financial operating system of the future. We believe that it will reduce commercial friction while ensuring that people have economic identity. The first step of this was to build a great company and we have done that with IOG. We have also begun working with great partners and collaborating with an amazing community.

It is impossible for one person to change the world. But it is possible to have one person push the snowball that becomes an avalanche. We are all responsible for pushing this forward and making the world a far better place. Cheers to everyone involved.

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