Charles Hoskinson Cardano Update 18/03/2020 - Feedback Request for Virtual/Digital Conference

Charles Hoskinson Cardano Update 18/03/2020 - Virtual/Digital Conference

(Written by @Eric_Czuleger)

On Tuesday March 18th Charles Hoskinson sat down to make a brief request from the community regarding virtual conferencing.

(Please help the Cardano Community Team gather feedback on the forum thread here:

…with any feedback or experiences you may have holding e-Meetups to help finding alternatives for the global restrictions and social distancing recommendations.)

Digital Conference

As many of our supporters are aware, IOHK was previously planning to launch Shelley in Kyoto. Charles Hoskinson will make every effort to travel to Japan unless international travel is compromised. However, we believe that it would be irresponsible to have a large international conference during the global pandemic. We will instead opt for a virtual conference. The media director and events planner of IOHK are now looking for useful software and frameworks to host our conference digitally. This will be akin to what was done with the IOHK Summit but with virtual avatars.

Crowdsourcing solutions

This is a new domain for IOHK, but we feel that crowdsourcing is an important solution to new challenges. Therefore, we are asking community members who have attended a virtual conference, hosted a virtual conference, or know someone who offers teleconferencing services we would like to hear from you. Please tweet to Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles, begin conversations on the Cardano Forum (See thread about gathering feedback for e-Meetup here), Cardano Reddit, or reach out to the Cardano Ambassador network if you have suggestions for software, experiences, and ways to optimize.

Shelley is shipping soon and we want to bring this to the masses. The community has waited a long time and it would be unfortunate if this accomplishment was not celebrated appropriately. At a previous conference, Charles Hoskinson was able to present with a digital avatar. If technology like this still exists then we hope to get an idea of its cost, scale, and ease of use.

Given the global movement towards isolation it will be important for software to be able to handle a significant number of attendees. We have a large number of announcements which are being held for the launch of Shelley. This means that the conference will be on a similar scale to the IOHK summit.

Otherwise, we are close to the Byron reboot and so we are currently developing and launching media assets like blog posts and video. This is the most significant launch of software IOHK has pushed out as a company. We hope to hear more on this from Aparna Jue by the end of the month.

In conclusion

Shelley is coming very soon. We are looking to our community for their experiences attending or facilitating large scale digital conferences. If you have information to share please tweet to Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles, engage in a conversation on Reddit, or reach out to a Cardano Ambassador. We are grateful to the stake pool operators who have already shared videos about their experiences and we encourage all operators to send their videos to Charles or post it on Reddit.


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