Charles Hoskinson's Latest Surprise AMA - 22/10/2019

Charles Hoskinson’s Latest Surprise AMA - 22/10/2019

Hi everyone! We know you love your AMA’s. Check out Charles Hoskinson on :fire: in his latest Surprise AMA, where he discusses topics such as:

  • Shelley (Jormungandr) & Daedalus upcoming releases and stress-testing. :computer:
  • IOHK& New Balance’s project collaboration. :athletic_shoe::confetti_ball:
  • Possible snapshot approaches. :camera_flash:
  • 2020: the year of scalability for crypto projects. :chains::globe_with_meridians:
  • Africa Update: feasibility studies being done in Ethiopia. :earth_africa:
  • Future of Cardano and ADA & Updates on other (upcoming pilot) projects.:rocket:

…and much more! :sparkles:


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