CHEFF pool run a scam to get votes for SundaeSwap ISO (has IOG delegation)

Where is that said that there’ll be a biweekly check?

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Hi brouwerQ, I am not allowed to tell specifically who said it and where it was said, but it was said to us SPO’s from offical side.

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Ok, now I know where it was said! :wink:

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Has there been any update with this yet? It looks as if he’s still sitting on his IOG delegation…
I’ve been talking with the operator of the CHEF pool who’s had no end of issues because of this, mainly people confusing the two pools. It looks like the negativity around CHEFF is overflowing and effecting CHEF but the community on the socials are just getting to understand what’s going on…
Its good to see that when there’s a bad-actor within a space that is un-regulated, then the space itself starts to self-regulate… but it would be pro if IO could have a closer look…

The responsible persons at IOG are aware of the situation and are considering what to do.


Great to hear, Thanks Zyroxa

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Even better than hearing that would be to see action. IOG is still delegating.

There are some people that are not available at the moment to make the decisions.

there is another topic which is open, related to IOG telegation.

please see below

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Hello, astroboysoup. Any news?

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No news from that side?

“My team”, yeah right… :lying_face: He just knows he can’t deny his wrongdoing anymore so now he tries to blame “his team”…

If people admit they’re at fault, I think it’s best to accept it. What good do we do by being hostile? Give people a path to redemption and it’s possible they can improve.

As @benohanlon mentioned no need to be hostile, but for intentional wrongdoings and denials, one needs to carry the consequences.