The pool ticker "ADA" is part of a pool cluster

@Cardano-Foundation @adatainment has the methodology changed from this post?

The pool ticker ADA is part of a pool cluster. The owner, known as Holger, has admitted to running a lot of pools. You can find this admission here: Telegram: Contact @CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup. In his attempt to gain control of another pool he admitted to running many more pools in a DM. Here is a screenshot of his words.

“I help a lot of people and run their Pools on my HighEnd Infrastructure” “People only see you” Holger says.

The validity of this DM screenshot was not questioned by Holger, instead he confirmed statements it contains.





Despite Holger’s ‘contributions’ to the community, this pool does not fit the criteria for delegation and I request that the delegation be moved to one of the shortlist losers to maintain the integrity of your delegation process.


We are relying on Community sources like to see if a pool is a multi-pool or not and I understand everyone has a different definition of this.

See the methodology of the pool group definition on Adapools by Daniel Ribar here: Cardano Donuts - Methodology - Daniel Ribar - Google Docs. (providing a service for pools that are then completely independently marketed is not part of this definition)

Unfortunately, it is a fact that some people with good brands do not run their pools themselves. One can like it or not, at least Holger has never made a secret of it. There is probably a high number of unreported cases, but this should be considered separately from the other community contributions.

PS: I have separated several posts here from the other thread to create this topic here.


(post deleted by author)

Well, my Pool is not part of any Cluster. It is a single Pool.

It’s a bit sad to see that if you are trying to help people that other people will try to do everything to harm you and your reputation if your help will lead to the situation that they may get less profits.

Also the way how and which info is selected here shows what the goal of this posting may be.

BUT, let me give you some insight.

Pre-Cardano I come from a Datacenter/Colocation background. So I have a lot of DC/Colocation Resources. Over the last 3 years I helped far over 1000 SPOs by answering their Questions, giving them advices on what to use and how to use it - till the point where I literally told them what to type in - in order to fix their problem and make their Pool run again.

Sometimes when people ask for help in a public channel and I see that this is not an issue which is solved with one quick 1-sentence advice/answer, then I DM them (or offer them that they can DM me if they need help) and try to help provide them some sort of dedicated help. Point here are two major things:

  1. I am very busy and working on a lot of things for the Cardano EcoSystem. Therefore I just do not want to keep track of what a person is writing in a channel with 4000+ people, just in order to help.
    When I have a DM with a person i can focus on the conversation and the help he needs.

  2. Helping some SPOs most of the time includes asking for some data and screenshots, so that I can exclude certain things and be able to come to an advice/instructions much faster in order to help him/her. But this info often contains Pool related info, not critical, but from my opinion sensitive enough to not share that in a channel of 4000+ people. (And we all know that not all of this 4000+ people are friendly - some of them are some scammers/“hackers” just there to grab that certain type of info.
    In a DM this info can be sort of isolated and therefore it’s more safe for the SPO to talk about it.

Some times I came/come across people from countries where the Economy is very bad (to say it in a friendly way) Africa for example. It started with answering questions and help them to get things done or fix something, but it turned out that I learned from them that they will not be able to continue running their Pool by next month, if they do not get anything in return from the Pool - which is obviously generated through high-volume of stake. Which for them was not the case. So they said that they are sad, because they could not even reach the point where they get some rewards from the Pool in order to start their planed charity, because they get zero rewards they could/can not even pay for the servers anymore - so they wanted to retire their Pool.

What does that mean for us?
I joined Cardano because of a Vision, a Vision to help each other and work on a better future for all of us and our children - together.
So how can I believe in something like this and then watch real charity dying before it started - only because it did not even had the chance to try.
The answer was and is: I can NOT watch this!

So I said, alright - I have the Datacenter resources, I am willing to provide you the Servers and Infrastructure for FREE, so that you can run your Pool and at some point maybe get some delegators/stake and finally be able to do your charity.

So since years I provide Server/Infrastructure for free, to people which come from struggling countries and/or are not in a good financial position to pay for the Infrastructure of a Pool.

No need to say that I only help people which want to do real charity or do want to contribute to the ecosystem in some other useful way.

So, they get the Infra for free from me and then they manage their Pools themselves.
BUT, it gives them the possibility to focus on their charity/goals and do not have to worry about how they gonna pay for the server-costs next month.

So, when the Pool creates some rewards (at least the current fixed fee of 340 ADA) they do not have to spend this for servers, it directly can be used for their charity and projects they do in their countries to support children or the local community etc.

And I keep running this Pools over years and pay for it every month (electricity etc.)
I am paying thousands of EUR per month just to keep this help up.

Now over the years I helped “countless” people and I saw that there are people who are not able to run a Pool at all - due to the missing knowledge about IT, Servers, Linux (etc. endless list).
And it is clear hat they do not want to or not being able to learn what it takes to be an SPO.
But they wanted to join the EcoSystem and contribute and/or also doing charity.

So we have two options here:

  1. A Pool runs incorrectly, not only delegators to this Pool will get much less rewards and or no rewards at all, but this also can be really bad for the ecosystem in some cases, where Pools constantly fork the blockchain due to their setup/misconfiguration - which means other Pools will “lose” their Blocks because they are on the “wrong” side of a fork in that moment. Plus this person will constantly coming back and ask questions in the moment he runs into the next issue.

  2. When it is clear that this person can not acquire the knowledge which is needed to run a Pool and I see that this person is a person and wants to join/help our EcoSystem.

A. To provide him dedicated infrastructure (to make sure everything runs correctly from a infra-perspective, so no cheap/shared server-resources which have to less RAM/CPU)

B. Assistance to run his Pool, in some sort of dedicated Support
(Which I do so or so for free for everyone else as well)

In his case he would get dedicated Server-Resources which alone have a current Market-Value of $1500+, plus I offered him support to an extend where it basically would be helping him so much that I could say I manage it for him. So if you have someone who provides you support 24/7 if you need help plus the resources that currently has a market-value of $2000 per month. And I said I am willing to take 200 which is a 90% OFF the current market-value in order to help him.

But let’s be clear here, what do you think is the case with this 100’s of SPOs asking questions again and again every day, because they can not figure it out. They were only able to setup a Pool because someone wrote a guide and they just copy/pasted what was written there. In the moment they encounter any problem/situation they will come back and ask what to do till someone writes exactly what they need to do and/or type in, in order to fix the problem.

So THAT is the reality we have, not everyone is able to run a Stakepool, they totally rely on the help of other, otherwise nothing would run. In other words, their Pool is fully managed through the help of others.

The question is now, do want to have this Pool-Ghostships without a Captain which are hurting our EcoSystem, or do we appreciate an “idiots” like me and others trying to help those “guys” in order that the Pool runs correctly without causing damage to the EcoSystem.

So this is the feedback from someone who is working for and in the EcoSystem since 3 years ~20 hours per day.

There are others like me and to be honest, everyone should be ashamed of attacking people who try to keep this EcoSystem alive and healthy, because this people who are spending their Lifetime, Money, Health etc. for our EcoSystem and only contribute, are the Backbone of Cardano.

So to keep this short:

  • Do I do massive charity and spend nearly all my money for that?

  • Do I host Pools of people who can not afford it to run a Pool for free on my Infrastructure?

  • Do I offer people who are NOT able to run a Pool with their own knowledge and financial resources extended help with being able to have dedicated server-resources and a hot-stand-by person willing to help around the clock with answering questions regarding the Pool management?
    Yes, I do this rarely.

So bottom-line:
I do not run any Pool cluster, I host Charity-Pools from poor countries for free on my Infrastructure and trying to help people which need the help and “management” in order to keep our EcoSystem healthy.

So that should be enough for now.

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Dude, seriously!

You do not know when to stop right?

People including me are helping you since months!

And it is always the same structure:
You come and asks questions about something which you should know yourself as an SPO.
But no matter if you should know it yourself or not, people help you.

  1. So, you ask a question.
  2. People help you.
  3. You tell them that you already know that and that you do not need help.
    3b. Followed by the fact that you are being rude to them. (Saying something like: “That’s not your concern.”)

So it’s everyones concern if you need help, but when they say what they think, that you bash them?

At the start, weeks or even months ago, I just wanted to help you in the channel, as many other wanted and did. But at some point I told you, the way you act is very “incorrect” so I told you that I do not want to help you anymore.

Guess, who keeps sending me DMs over telegram for weeks? YOU!

And in the moment, people where asking you, why you name your Pool which looked like a fake-pool for many people, Poolname and Ticker: BAIDU, you started picking on me, because I offered you help?

And your answer to the people was, nah, it’s not a fakepool. Then people asked you, why did you registered as the Pools Official Website (which is the official website of the chinese search-engine) ?

And your answer was: You did not have a Website at the moment you created the Pool, so you registered your Pool with their official website.

Are you kidding me?
So, let me create a Pool called: Mercedes-Benz, Ticker: BENZ and because I am an incompetent guy I do not even have an Website (which is mandatory) when I register the Pool, but since it is a mandatory thing I just use as Website,…?!

And once again, I am not the one who brought this up. But somehow for you it was more convenient to start just bashing someone who helped you for weeks and even offered to help you with running your pool correctly, because you were missing blocks and for everyone it was clear that you are not able to run it yourself.

And guess what, if someone offers me help, because I am unable to do something, then I do not start bashing and spreading FUD about this person. But this seems to be different for you.

So my strong advice is, get your Pool setup fixed so that it runs correctly instead of attacking people who are just trying to help you since weeks/months by posting FUD about them.

And while you are on it fixing your Pool you can directly start fixing how your Pool shows up on Chain-Explorers and Wallets:

Clearly, no chinese person could be mislead to believe the Pool BAIDU with as Website, has something to do with, right?

But keep attacking others who dedicate their work and help to the EcoSystem, instead of fixing your things.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Hey ADA Congratulations for being selected for the Cardano Foundation delegation.
A question about your projects featured on the website:
What kind of project is As the link doesn’t work and when I go to it in the browser it just comes up with a blank page - ?

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Okay, you just keep editing you posting, adding screenshots which are out of context and only aim at creating FUD and have the goal in a “bad light”.

There were a guy (as you posted) in the channel who was writing incorrect things, which had the goal to attack/insult me. When someone is trying to attack/insult me 5-8+ times in a row, and I write “if you only talk shit, then you better stfu” then this is my personal opinion.

Do you also share the pre-text when this person attacked me and even now deleted half of his attack-messages? No, of course not, because it’s more convenient for you just to post my reply after all this attacks in order to create the impression that i am a “bad guy” which you try to underline with: “When someone tried to question him, he started attacking people”

Maybe there is a difference between “questioning” someone and pointless accusations and attacks?

You obviously do not know me and you think you can create a “picture of me” based on which people would think that I am a bad unfriendly, rude, whatever person.
But guess what, 1000’s of people in the EcoSystem know me, they talk with me every day and joined my daily Twitter-Spaces for over 4 months. Over all the years, everyone knows that I am not that guy you are trying to “paint”.

So, for me this whole thread reached a point where the goal is clear - to create the impression that i am a bad guy, and you, the “SPO” which is unable to run his Pool correctly is the poor soul and everyone is bad/unfriendly to you.

So you can keep posting your very selective screenshots in order to create FUD,
and I will quit this thread, because this is ridiculous and I have more important things to do.

Sad fact is, with every time people who are helping others and getting bashed after that, the amount of people who are willing and trying to help will get smaller and smaller each time. Do we really want that in our EcoSystem?!

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I know him. He is committed to the promotion of Cardano Chinese community, and he has his own Cardano wechat community. YouTube also does Cardano ecological video tutorials, although the number of viewers is small (mostly for his Cardano wechat community)
“baidu” is a famous search website in China, because “Baidu” also has a better meaning. I don’t think it’s wrong. Just like you sign up for a “Google pool”, no one will think it’s a Google company .
“baidu” is just for convenience of memory, and his Chinese ADA fans know their relationship. They communicate and share a lot of ADA ecological information in the group every day.

(post deleted by author)

Hey @solydar,

Thanks for asking, well I am currently creating/coding a lot of projects, for one of them I bought this domain a long time ago. The project itself may be released under a complete different domain because it kind of evolved while I was building it over the years. At the end I will release multiple projects which interact with each other. They all have the goal to bring more transparency to our EcoSystem.
A “normal” person does not want to look at raw numbers extracted from a blockchain. Do not get me wrong all the Block-Explorer sites are awesome, every one of them is special and provides some useful info for our EcoSystem. But what about the average delegator, does he sit down staring at endless numbers and trying to figure out what is good and what is bad, what is profitable and what not, what is safe and what is a risk? Some try, but for others that’s just to much.

My projects will make it super easy for everyone (even without any blockchain-knowledge) to understand what is REALLY going on, so no calculation based on the average numbers, which end up in an estimate rather then a “fact”.

My goal is to present real, easy to understand data based on facts and not estimates.
Also provide some deep insight of who is doing what and when, who is behind something, is he trustworthy or not etc. Is this or that charity fake or is it real, if it is real how “effective” is it really compared to others. So basically everyone will be able to make decisions based on real facts and not estimates and assumptions.

Plus, I will provide insights of the Blockchain and EcoSystem which where never seens before. Call it a Game-Changer.

And talking about GAME-Changer, I am currently also working of the MMO-Game on the Cardano-Ecosystem, which will be huge.

So here the short-version to your question would be, just a domain which currently does not point to a project, because the project is not live yet and will be released in the future + the project will most-likely use a different domains.

But I take this as a notice to maybe remove that form the “Landing Page” for now. Thanks! :wink:

Hope, that did somehow answer your question?

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Removing sounds adequate to me, not least because of the possibility of confusion with from SMAUG

As I said the chances are extremely high that I will not use this domain for the projects, I already got different ones. Plus, as you said, the domain is very similar to the one of @Smaug and I do not thing it would be “fair” to create a project under a domain-name which is close to @Smaug’s website.


Both, naming a pool “Google” and naming a pool “Baidu”, seem like very, very bad ideas to me.

There are things like trademarks. And if Cardano only gets a little more successful/relevant: It is quite possible that tech companies, in fact, operate stake pools. And it is even more possible that they sue people using their trademarks.

Just don’t do it!

And if people tell you to not do it, just change it instead of being baselessly offended.


OMG, this is the first time I’ve been told that I just “want other people’s pools to die”.
You can ask around the community how many times I have helped them get off the ground and now they run way larger pools than I do, maybe that’s one the reasons both Cardano Foundation and IOG supported us IN SEVERAL OCASSIONS with their delegation. I do SPO guides, create educational content, host and maintain free tools for the community, all of this while not charging a dime for any of my services, but somehow I’m one of the bad guys too?

Do yourself a favor and stop attacking people because you don’t understand English well or if we suggest you should do a little more research to be able to properly manage your infrastructure.

I will not reply to this thread anymore, it is a total waste of time, thank you and peace out!


hi dude, I don’t know if I offended you there, I’ve been thankful more than once to everyone who kindly helped me.

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

This is not a failure of, but of your own. As I mentioned multiple times on Telegram, your hash isn’t correct. Almost every block explorer still shows the old website, from the latest correct metadata. Actually, had a failure too, because it ignores the hash being incorrect!

Please fix it! You can find the correct hash for your current metadata here: - Cardano stake pool checker
You did multiple pool registration updates before, so that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

But the website is from the company…

(post deleted by author)

You keep ignoring what I’m trying to say you! doens’t show a failure, it handles it correctly!
YOU made the failure, you don’t use the correct hash in you last pool registration update!

pls change it

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