Leaning Daedalus Staking: Operator and Staking

I very much believe in ADA, Cardano, and a long term investor… I am guilty of not using my ADA to help the community. I want to learn:

  1. Best resources to choose a pool and find out what their purpose and plan?

  2. Strategy: Is it better to spread my ADA around various pools or find one that I believe in? What resources to use to research?

  3. Do you need to have a technical background to have a pool… I have a partner that is a software developer and we would like to collaborate.



Welcome on board! Glad to see that every day new people start to believe and invest in Cardano!

  1. on https://adafolio.com/, pooltool.io, adapools.org u can find pools sorted by category/goals/mission driven

  2. I believe in first option, but for the moment you need to create a new wallet for each pool u wanna to delegate (a little bit hard); but soon a multipool delegation will be available and then will be very easy to delegate from one wallet to multi pools

  3. Not special knowledges are required in order to operate a pool but of course u need to have some basic linux knowledge