The pool ticker "ADA" is part of a pool cluster

You keep posting the same things over and over. That gets a bit annoying.

Okay, but …

… using their website and pretending that it’s yours was simply not okay.

Might be that it was not your intention, but it’s still not okay.

And you keep ignoring hints that you did not manage to do the update to your github page correctly.

You posted screenshots of a private chat. Totally okay of him to report that. And someone deleted more than should have been deleted in reaction to that.

I don’t see him guiding others to attack you in your screenshots posted over and over.

But I see you attacking him in a lot of channels now. Please, just let it go.

(post deleted by author)

Well, if someone reads what you just wrote then I do not even have to write something anymore in order to try to “protect” myself against your pointless accusations. You are doing a very good job in showing everyone what really is going on. You do not speak english but just type some funny things into your computer click translate and you do not care if it is completely incorrect or not.

So facts are very simple, you are not able to run your Pool correctly, and when someone offers you then you come up with some crazy story about “I ran the pool and paid him 200 ada”.

You never paid anything, people are helping you for free since months.
At some point you just write in a group with 4000+ people that I told you to hand me over your Pool-keys, which is not the case. Then you wrote in the same group what you wrote here, that you were running the pool but needed and had paid me.

I am sorry - wtf?

And the best thing is still to come.
A discussion raises based on your false statements and you post this discussion everywhere.
So thanks again, for not having the tiniest respect for the people who help you as well as not having the tiniest respect for privacy at all.

And now stop it dude, this is insane. Accusing people based on that you use a translator and don’t understand anything.

I suppose that is just because translators have a hard time translating tenses and moods.

I always understood it as just describing the possible offer that he declined, not something that actually happened.

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Please consider that it might look for him just the other way round.

You are attacking him for days, very explicitly saying he just pretends to help to get customers and stuff like that.

And he just fights back.

There is probably no objective truth.

But it’s good that you are finally trying to fix your metadata.

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All this discussion here is based on he is just throwing some wrong facts in front of 4000+ people and keeps doing that.
He knows himself that he does not speak english, he also knows that he is using a translator which may be wrong sometimes (which obviously is the case as we can see).

BUT if you know that then you should be careful on what you write and where. Because people just take it as a fact. If they would know that it is just a wrong translation we would not be here.

Well, for now I’m not angry anymore.
Let me say something rational.
After I rejected him, I asked for some help in the group (didn’t chat him privately, didn’t ask for his help) and he said some unfriendly things which made me very angry.
So I ended up warning him in a private chat, but he didn’t listen. I had to teach him a lesson.
So I reported him, but I didn’t say he was a liar.
So in the group, he guided others: I attacked him as a liar;
He guides others: My pool is a liar.
Since my chat history is all deleted (this is what annoys me the most)

His character is very irrational, like a powder keg, burning at one point.
In the face of doubts from others, it is not an explanation, but a direct personal attack. This is his shortcoming.

In fact, I’m very grateful for his help, I don’t object to him privately chatting other people wanting to make money, even though I don’t think it’s safe. But until now, I never thought he was a liar.

In fact, it’s not a secret that he provides technical support to pool to make money, I just reiterated it in the group. I can understand this behavior.

As for whether the foundation will transfer ada, I don’t care. It depends on the definition of pool cluster, which you guys discussed.

As punishment for my chat history being deleted, all articles in this post will be deleted after a week.
If he still thinks I’m slandering him, I’ll try to explain.

I really hope for you that Karma does not exist.

Lets finish this discussion now. It seems like you both have a dispute and you should be able to clear that in a private chat. I dont really agree with @Cardano24 that there are privat chats because most of them are in public groups anyway but i don’t like the nature of this discussion either, because a lot of things don’t seem to have been clarified.

I think @adatainment made it clear that they dont consider it as a cluster as they are using Groups | Cardano Staking / Explorer to see if a pool is a multi-pool or not.

I will close this thread now as it does not seem to be developing into a productive discussion and the accusations are not entirely true.


It appears my original comment got hijacked then removed. In summary, I contend that ADA stake pool is not eligible for delegation because the operator of the pool is known to operate many pools and the delegation methodology says they will only delegate to single pools.

I do not remember the exact wording, but in the delegation application there was a question on whether the applicant operated more than one pool. I imagine the operator of ADA pool answered yes to this question.

CF’s position is, although the owner operates many pools, because none of the pools share common marketing each of the pools this person operates are single pools.

It was my mistake for not knowing this already after @Cardano-Foundation delegated to the 1PCT cluster. 1PCT marketed their EPIC pool outside of the 1PCT brand so it was eligible for delegation.

@adatainment why do you keep removing and hiding my comments? My comment was neither false nor offensive and is directly related to the original post of this thread. The people that did not get chosen deserve to know the truth about pools selected and your reasoning for selecting them.

You’ve removed a valid/relevant/alarming point of discussion. It’s almost as if you guys are trying to hide the fact that you’ve delegated to a multi pool again. As you remove comments the corruption and nepotism in the selection process becomes even more evident.

In previous delegation announcement posts people were allowed to comment and bring attention to specific pools they believed did not deserve the delegation. None of those comments were removed or hidden.

I was moved to the other thread, where there already were a few good answers to your objections. The other thread was simultaneously unhidden (which unfortunately also makes the quite unpleasant off-topic discussion in there visible again). It is still locked, though.

We are not trying to hide anything here, any move of a topic will result in a link here in the thread. We made a statement already and provided all information needed. There is nothing to add at this point, please double-check the insights we provided in that thread.

We don’t control the pool cluster list that is curated by the community and we don’t make the rules either. If you want to change something, you need to contribute there, discuss and change the rules.

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