Choosing a Pool

Where do I look for reputable staking pool advisors? I don’t trust my own judgement when it comes to choosing a pool, so have any trustworthy guides emerged as yet? Thanks in advance for good input.

Checking out pools on is a good idea, make sure the pool is actually producing blocks when they have the stake to do so. There are millions of ADA staked to broken pools.

You can find usefule information on stake pools at:
Stake Pool Showcase

It’s best to choose a pool with total stake between 2 million and 90 million in
order to have a reasonable expectation of getting rewards and not ending up in a
saturated pool that would reduce rewards.

Good luck and happy staking!
Shawn - Squid Pool

I still think there would be room for a well informed expert to run a web site sharing his or her top three ada to stake. OF COURSE it would change with the times and could publish proof it was continuing to be successful. Hey, I would follow it and pay for its top quality guidance every time I made a move on Yoroi. Yoroi itself could offer this service…

That is, when MainNet is up and running

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