Where can I stake Cardano ADA?

“Where can I stake Cardano ADA?”

It is a common question for every newbie. These tips will be helpful for choosing the best Cardano ADA Stake pool.

At 1st Do your research: Know the available tools to help research pool performance. The main players are Pooltool, Cardanoscan, ADApools, and Poolrank.

Know the factors that are important:

  1. Return on stake/Return on ADA (RoS/RoA)
  2. Over saturation (which means LESS rewards for delegators)
  3. Pledge (how much ADA the pool owners putting into the pool themselves)
  4. Active & live stake
  5. Trends

Always we suggest Azure ADA Stake Pool for staking Cardano ADA. But before choosing any stake pool you should research pool performance.