Choosing the Best Stake Pools

I just started staking a couple of months ago. When the K value jumped to 500, the saturation rates climbed dramatically from one epoch to the next. I would stake a pool at 15% and it would be at 90% saturation two weeks later.

Over the past few weeks, the stake pools I allocated to have gotten worse and the rewards way smaller.

I wanted to find out the best way or best filters to use (on for example) to determine the best stake pools to move to.

Stake with mine, will be unsaturated for years



Dear starklogic,

I do not have any advice but to go with smaller pools, like ours see the ticker AHOLY, which as well helps the decentralization!
These pools like ours are verified to be block producing. In our case we verified our set-up on testnet. Just check out the FORUM and find more gems!


Hi If you’re still looking for a StakePool, please consider WEQNT.

A purpose driven pool, dedicated to serving the poor in African nations by providing them free Solar lighting.

We can really use your support.

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2 types of best:

  • best rate of return now (short term vision)
  • best for the future (long term vision)

If you want stable return then you need to find a large pool with stake as close as possible to max of 65mn that has a luck score of close to 100%… and a reasonable variable margin say <3% and a fixed cost of 340

If you want to invest for the future then you should stake with a smaller pool where the rate of return will be roughly the same but more volatile (less return in some months and more in other). This helps decentralisation as stake is not controlled by the few, but distributed. Note that you will get about the same rate of return as if you staked with a large pool, although this would be more volatile month on month.

Extreme example: it is better for decentralisation to have 2 thousand pools with stake evenly distributed between them than 100 pools with a lot of stake and the rest 1900 with small stake.

There are plenty of small pool operators to choose from, myself included, pool id: DSIO


How do I do that?

Do what? To delegate?

Yes how do I delegate?

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what wallet are u using?
daedalus or yoroi?

What is your pool?

Charity Pool - CHRTY

Stake with PeerStake - PEER

Hello, @starklogic. If you are finding a trustable and best stake pool for Cardano ADA. I always suggest ( AzureADA has 2M Pledge, 2% Margin and 52.2M Live Stake. AzureADA (ticker: AZUR) is a pool you can trust to grow your ADA investment.

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