Staking Question on Pool selection

Am i right to believe that I should not stake in a pool that is saturated or nearly saturated?
I see a lot of the top pools are looking pretty saturated but are still listed in the top. I am trying to figure out what are the best parameters to look for when selecting a stake pool. Ie: pledge, sat. rate, % charged, etc. I have selected pools in the 500’s and have done just as good as the ones posted as the top pools.
Is it a crap shoot?

We have a community FAQ here : Cardano Community Support FAQ

If anything is still unclear, feel free to ask here :slight_smile:


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I’ll check

In addition to the information above there is also a section here called Pool Introductions. It might be a good place to have a look to see if there is a pool that perhaps donates money to a cause you are interested in or is located in a country you want to support etc :slight_smile:

Thanks Again
I will definitely look into these areas. If I have anything to report of my findings i will be sure to share

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