CIP-007 for Intellectual Property licensing/legal documents inside NFT metadata

Hey everyone,

I wanted to raise the topic of IP licenses/legal documents as key-value pairs in NFT metadata. I would like to discuss this here, and see if there is any conversation around standardizing custom licenses and if something like this would belong to CIP-25 or if we want to create another CIP?

Artano is currently developing its minting service, and we’d like to offer our users a key-value pair type of field, where they would enter “license” as the key, and the URL to the custom IP document as a PDF (nothing too fancy for now) to determine the rules under which they’d like the NFT to be handled by the owner… This field can of course apply to any type of licensing, such as legal IP of an NFT or even contractual property/ownership.

We currently don’t see a better way to determine an IP license for NFTs. If there’s a CIP already discussing this please let me know…


This would fall under the extra/optional metadata in CIP-25 fields such as:

..."721": {
        "<policy_id>": {
          "<asset_name>": {
            <other properties>
--->        "007": "my_docs_license.pdf"



Alternatively, we could have
... 007: "my_docs_license.pdf" ...

Of course there’s the option of keeping this offchain, but it will be harder and harder to keep the information tied to the NFT, unless its in the metadata, especially as more marketplaces open and the NFTs get passed along from user to user.

That’s it! Thank you and have a great week!

There has been back and forth conversation on how to approach it and from where I stand this could be done by introducing a new CIP requiring CIP-0025.
Modifying CIP-0025 would be something the Author might want to do (as long as ‘Draft’).

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Thank you for posting this Frederic. So the best course of action would be to contact the CIP-0025 folks?

it is a course of action, functionally up to whoever wants to champion the idea or coordonate.