NFT Metadata - CIP25 - which NFT viewer can display it?

Hi there,

I minted an NFT for my beer collection yesterday and for the first time tried to use the CIP25 proposed metadata with the files attribute:

  "721": {
    "0863f56e094fa3d9d810630d59b620c1be544d18803a046ac5ff575e": {
      "VACCINATOR": {
        "name": "Vaccinator Maerzen",
        "image": "ipfs://QmfEFYSs7cq5aLyfc94eWnsqnZjWPJig8ZfiZfmmd5Sz2D",
        "mediaType": "image/png",
        "description": "xxx",
        "files": [
            "name": "Vaccinator Bottle",
            "mediaType": "image/png",
            "src": "ipfs://QmfEFYSs7cq5aLyfc94eWnsqnZjWPJig8ZfiZfmmd5Sz2D"
            "name": "Vaccinator Label",
            "mediaType": "image/png",
            "src": "ipfs://QmNf7eW6TJHn4c19bKbLYGGBmKfCMp8u3vPHLf4iUcwDfG"
    "version": "1.0"

I assumed the “files” can be used to specify multiple asset files like in my case a complete beer bottle showing the artwork and then the artwork alone. But sadly, nor / nami wallet does show the NFT.

Is this currently simply not yet supported by viewers, but fine? says that your metadata is totally fine and should display in

The problem has to be somewhere else.

This is your problem.

Your asset name according to is Vaccinator Maerzen (56616363696e61746f72204d6165727a656e as a hex string), but you define the metadata for VACCINATOR. The key in the metadata file and the asset name have to be the same byte by byte including case.


man, you are my hero :)) I tested for 2 hours inside cntools and I didn’t understood why the image not showing on… now you save me… the asset name should be exactly the name from metadata… (I thought it can be different from metadata asset name)
updated my guide…


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But it was only posted one and a half hours ago. :wink:

CIP 25 is not very clear about it, unfortunately.

I can deduce it from the search process in

  1. Find the latest mint transaction with the label 721 in the metadata of the specific token
  2. Lookup the 721 key
  3. Lookup the Policy Id of the token
  4. Lookup the Asset name of the token
  5. You end up with the correct metadata for the token

But that’s not really clear at all.

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my guide? it’s older than 1,5 hours :)))

now it’s clear… thanks

perfect, thx so much for catching that! now I know! thx a lot!

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