Can someone please help me debug this NFT?


I have minted an NFT but it is not showing on and I am having difficulties understanding why.
This is the policy, which has a single asset.

I tested the metadata in using in metadata tester, and it renders correctly.
But if you fetch the NFT directly on, the website seems unable to parse the metadata correctly and fetch the image.

$ cat metadata.json 
    "721": {
        "ee027aa7a0b08902d8530247b4d3e0cead7e960c98801c2df2205a1f": {
        "GileNFT": {
            "name": "GuileNFT",
            "description": "El Guile NFT, presente, unico, original y sin dudas, el mejor.",
            "type": "image/jpg",
            "image": "ipfs://QmTnUXddke4ScB75bPtLUoyFyXsmVnfK4xSjz7bjCuQwZf"

Any suggestions?

The asset name is GuileNFT:

But the metadata says GileNFT without the u.


Thanks, it has worked now.
Twice I made the same mistake :man_facepalming: