NFT Image not Displaying in after using the 721 Metadata Standard

Hi there!

I am not seeing the image of the NFT I minted a couple of hours ago on I used the standard recommended by Alessandro Konrad and Smaug in CIPs/ at master · Berry-Pool/CIPs · GitHub.

The gif in question is 15mb and it displays perfectly in IPFS using the Brave browser and in the IPFS Blockfrost web gateway.

Here is the metadata file:

  "721": {
    "4a2ba87b606a0aeb40916e906670a346c4b915840a755ddf109af709": {
    "cardanollama001": {
    "name": "Cardano Llama 001",
    "image": "ipfs://QmSahUdK9RTNDBGEq6xHWHZXRFwyQv8wBAtRgpxFCkNvqz",
    "description": "1bit aestethic, 256 colors, 90 hand-glitched frame loop",
    "size": "1000x666",
    "rarity": "225 of 250"

Here is the link to the link:

I think I followed the standard to a tee, but I am stumped at this issue, and I can’t figure out a solution.

Any help is very much appreciated!

To me it looks as if your metadata is interpreted as string not as JSON object. Did you stringify your metadata during the minting transaction ?
Even though it looks fine when inspected with Cardanoscan: Transaction 8be04d6a8e22c40f2b3970b0be893b5757d0f237efba997346cb145ccc60b7b3 - Cardanoscan

Also your image very large (16MB), which might trigger some filters on the site. You could add a small Version for preview and a large version.

The crypties people added a small version of the cryptie in the image tag and large version in the src tag: Transaction 013e7e34bc11b7d66d0ff14ae1b1ffb364c883f9258a9d7625becb6c3b719f12 - Cardanoscan

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Hi there! Thank you for your response, after looking at it for a little while I found that I made the stupid mistake of not using same policyid on the metadata and the transaction (massive facepalm, I know).

Thank you for trying to help anyways.