CIP Adoption questions

  1. “For a CIP to progress to active status, it requires adoption from the majority of the Cardano economy”:

How is ‘adoption from the majority’ established?
With a vote?
If so, how will the % of yes voters required to pass a vote, be established?

  1. When funding runs dry for Cardano Foundation. Will there be CIP’s for the current tasks the CF operates? For example will there be a CIP to continue funding for the ambassador program?

Good questions @Lucky.

  1. At the moment, I believe the CIP Editors make the decision to move a CIP to active status. It isn’t defined by a specific metric because there are many variables in play. However, the CIP process is new and a community member who believed there should be a transparent mechanism could discuss it with the community and then write a CIP for it if they had support for it.
  2. CIPs aren’t a funding mechanism. Though, if you were applying for funding you might write a CIP to help build community consensus and explain how you planned to deliver your proposal. Also see @Frederic’s reply here.
  3. I really enjoyed watching this TCE episode about CIPs and you might like it too.

Does this answer your questions?

[3] I watched it. Honestly it was long winded/unnecessarily wordy, and if I think that, I’m confident most others won’t watch it all.

[2] It’s still early days so as Frederic said “The Voltaire roadmap will likely shed better light on dependancies, relationships and symbiosis between parts.”.
For the time being the CIP is great as an interim, but I hope it improves.

[1] In my opinion, at this moment I feel ideally this process shouldn’t require admins (CIP Editors) or some kind of hierarchy, because then there is a power system created that can be abused or biassed.
If this process will become the ‘final’ process, the maximum the CIP Editors should be there for is to help edit the CIP in to the correct subtext. They shouldn’t be making subjective decisions as to whether a CIP is valid, in their opinion or not.
Just theoretically: If CIP’s are being blocked for subjective reasons, before they get to democratic vote, then it’s not a democratic system.

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Hello Lucky,
Those are all valid points…

I believe that some guidance can also help the longevity of the community. especially in the beginning. definitely not to box in, but a nudge in the one direction rather the other…
In terms of funding, my understanding is that funding can come from a few different organisations ready to water the seeds the community is planting… the idea of posting here I’m guessing, as a member of the community is only to bring ideas out, to see what has traction.

I also believe that in the end if there is a spark, the community will support it, funding or no funding… the blockchain ecosystem is a free market…

if I’m incorrect about any of this please inform me so I know better.