CIP - associate JSON schema with metadata

This is a proposal to add a JSON schema to proposed metadata:

CIP: 1
Title: Include schema in CIP proposal
Authors: Baldur Blöndal
Comments-Summary: No comments yet.
Comments-URI: …
Status: Active
Type: Informational
Created: 2020-03-21
License: CC-BY-4.0


This is an informational meta-CIP that specifies that CIPs for
metadata standards include a valid JSON schema specification.


If you are stadardising a metadata format (for example in an CIP) it
should be accompanied by a schema describing its structure. This gives
added flexibility to metadata services as they can validate incoming
metadata in accordance with the schema. Making such services
extensible for these metadata standards will be much easier to
maintain with this practice.


Not applicable.


The alternative is to have the metadata without a schema.

Backwards compatibility

Not applicable.

Reference implementation

Not applicable.


This CIP is licensed under CC-BY-4.0.

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I’m confused here - there are already metadata options out there, such as the Cardano Token Registry. Furthermore others are already specifying other kinds of standards, such as CIP-0025 - NFT Standard that seem to do that… Can you elaborate a bit more?

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We want to propose that it should be official policy, so that metadata is not accepted without a proper schema file.

JSON does not require a schema and metadata does not require JSON. How would this improve Cardano?

Third party metadata registry services may consider including versioned schema associations. Using a specific schema for metadata should be optional since metadata itself is optional.

Further reading:

See also: rfc8610 and rfc7049 for reference.

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