Token Metadata

In looking through this page, I see allot of people asking about this. I want to make sure I understand. Will we be able to add metadata after the token is minted? I’ve made a few tokens, and I would love to add metadata to them. I found this repository:

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The documentation implies that metadata can be submitted after tokens are minted, but it isn’t explicit about this.

A buddy and I just minted a token right now, with a script that adds the metadata to it.

If you look at the cardano scan, metadata and mint are their own sections. That really leaves me thinking that minting and adding metadata are two different things, and could probably be done separately.


@Huth_S0lo I have minted token but I struggled to add metadata to the token. Can you show me the script?

I followed these directions:

It’s not clear, but this will help you create the json file with the sealed metadata, not actually submit it.
This tells you how to submit it as a PR on github:

I guess this is just for testing, but apparently the service is not live and PRs will be closed.
So I’m scratching my head as well. I do see some meta data in the registry, but not sure how it gets there.

These scripts made it painless.

Here is what the metadata needs to look like. And one important note, it will shift the fields to alphabetical order.

“0”: {
“external_url”: “”,
“pool_id”: “de7f214056fa551217d6ed21203bb09e7f479b34e8f4740bcf87f6f9”
“whatever_data”: “yadaydayada”,
“a_starts_with_a”: “This line will move to the top once you submit it”

Thanks for the script

Thank you for the links and information on scripts, but it would be an easier alternative in creating tokens if there is already the Token Builder. Any updates on when will this Token Builder be available?