How long will it take the token metadata to reflect on the block chain once it is merged?

I have given a PR to the token metadata register and its got merged but not yet reflecting what can i do about it?
Here is my pr:Eduladder Testnet token submission by arunwebber · Pull Request #209 · input-output-hk/metadata-registry-testnet · GitHub
And this is the cardano explorer:Token eduladderTestCoin3 - Cardanoscan

And it is showing me that metadata is not registered yet.

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Metadata PRs

Please note it may take up to 4 hours for merged changes to take effect on the metadata server.


The metadata are never reflected on the blockchain. The blockchain doesn’t care about them at all.

It is every individual tool, wallet app, blockchain explorer, … that decides to look at the token registry and/or the testnet token registry or not.

Daedalus, for example, doesn’t seem to care for metadata at all. There, you always have millions of SUNDAE, because it doesn’t care for the six decimal places in the metadata.

For Cardanoscan, I’m not sure if it looks at the testnet token registry or only at the main one. The link goes to the main token registry. And this token, merged two weeks ago, still shows up as “no metadata” in Cardanoscan:


So what is your best suggestion i should go ahead and mint 100000 token instead of one and assumes that it will be one token? and specify 6 as decimal place on cardano token registry.

As this post suggests.

You minted 1,000,000,000 tokens and if u registered with 6 decimal the number of tokens will be 1,000.000000 (1k) but in some wallets (which are not supporting decimals) u will see 1,000,000,000 tokens and to send 1 token u will need to send 1,000,000

Yes, that’s how it works right now.

Alternatively, the most compatible way would be to just design your token without decimals. It’s just cosmetics, anyway.

No what if one of user want to sent .00025 token to some one? In some time in future? @HeptaSean

Without decimals, they can’t. But even with 6 decimals, they cannot send 0.00000025 token at any point in the future.

Mathematically, there is no difference between minting 1000000000 token, specifying 6 decimal places, so that they are displayed as 1000.000000 token (in compatible applications), and sending 1.000000 token to each of your initial users, or on the other hand minting 1000000000 token, specifying no decimal places at all, and sending 1000000 token to each of your initial users.

Where and if there is a decimal point is a totally arbitrary display issue.

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how the ada and lovelace works? As i know ada is a million of lovelace but how ever it is displaying as ADA on the wallet. And if i want to sent a millionth of ada still it shows as millionth of ada does any one know how this exactly works? And if want to call millionth of my token as something and the group of million token as something else how can i do that? Is that possible to do in at that way?

On the lowest level, in blockchain transactions, values are always given in Lovelace. Wallet apps, blockchain explorers, etc. just know that 1 million Lovelace is 1 ADA and have that way of displaying it hard-coded in them.

Nope, you can just give the number of decimals in the token registry, but not give different names for the smallest unit and the one with decimal places. This is not optimal, because a wallet app ignoring the token registry will show the number of smallest unit with the name of your token, while a wallet app respecting the token registry will show the value with decimal places with the name of your token. But that’s the way it is right now.