My Asset's name doesn't show up on Cardanoscan/ even though my metadata has been accepted in the registry

Hi guys,

Having some trouble getting my project’s token name, links and icon to show up on explorers.
The token is the following: Token 534d4152544545 - Cardanoscan

With policyID: 0aa124d4536745e88208b90821c1bb409b06efc2ec289d71b9df425b
and assetName: 534d4152544545. (base16 for SMARTEE)

My cardano-token-registry PR has been accepted, and indeed I can find the metadata when I query the subject 0aa124d4536745e88208b90821c1bb409b06efc2ec289d71b9df425b534d4152544545 in the metadata server, but how come it doesn’t show up on explorers yet, and remains in its base16-encoded form?

Here’s the merged PR, if anyone needs it:

And to mint the asset, I followed the official step-by-step guide available on

Your asset name should be in HEX, not base64

That it says

Asset Name 534d4152544545 (3533346434313532353434353435)

on Cardanoscan means that it was converted to Base16 twice.
3533346434313532353434353435 is the Base16 encoding of 534d4152544545.

Which version of cardano-cli were you using?

Versions prior to 1.31.0 do not want Base16/Hex encoding, but cleartext on the command line.

@HeptaSean I was using 1.31.0, looks like I double-base16encoded my asset name. Does 1.31.0 require encoded or unencoded token names on the --mint parameter?

Doesn’t look to me like it’s salvageable except through a redeploy.

Should be encoded for both, --mint and --tx-out.

Yes, burn and mint again.

Redeployed the native token.

For some reason, the token name is empty, even though its base16 representation shows up next to it, in parenthesis. Here’s the link: Token 32ba214759f4a60906b88bd5ab3d67c74bcde68c - Cardanoscan

Anyone know whats’up? Should I ignore it and add a token metadata entry regardless?

I’m not sure if asset names with spaces work. They were one of the reasons for the hex encoding, but I think I’ve never seen a live example that Cardanoscan, etc. can work with them.

Other reason could be that Cardanoscan does not show the real name without having metadata for some sort of security reasons.

Not sure, what I would do in your place.