CIP - Cardano payment URI Scheme

This is a description of something we’ve already implemented in the Yoroi Extension and in Yoroi Mobile. Another proposal for extending this to also be used for stake pools can be found here: CIP needs attention: URI scheme for pools & delegation portfolios


thanks @SebastienGllmt - it’s very good to see this is moving along :sunglasses: … for everyone’s reference, the link above was a just a particular call for participation to the forum developer community, while the main link with the forum discussion so far on the Stake Pool URI Scheme CIP is here:

Hi, I have a comment about the proposal. I’ve also posted this comment on PR #61 on GitHub. Please excuse the duplication:

I believe we need a URI scheme that will allow us to describe locations of addresses and transactions on Cardano (and other blockchains). I think it might be smart to use this opportunity to define the web+cardano: scheme more generally in such a way that it can be used to locate specific addresses and transactions on the blockchain. I’m personally working on a UTXO metadata project where it would be extremely useful to use URLs pointing to other transactions on the chain. The ability to initiate a payment can still be retained through the generalized design.

Ideas for how such a scheme could work have been proposed in the past. See: [bitcoin-dev] RFC - BIP: URI scheme for Blockchain exploration

Let me put it another way: If the Cardano blockchain is effectively an immutable transaction-log-style data store, wouldn’t it be useful to have a URI scheme for describing metadata resources and their locations on the blockchain?

Have responded on Github with how I believe it affects that pull request.

In short: it’s best left to @SebastienGllmt or equivalent but based on my experience this should be its own CIP, and I think you should start another forum thread on this issue with examples & supporting material before beginning the somewhat confining CIP process.

I’ll wait for @SebastienGllmt to respond, and I’ll move forward with a new thread if he agrees.