CIP needs attention: URI scheme for pools & delegation portfolios

I’m guessing this forum category will be obsoleted by the upcoming Cardano Developer Portal but I wanted to make sure this issue is not abandoned in the meantime… this CIP, effectively creating a user-friendly URI scheme for Delegation Portfolios, was documented here last week and officially submitted today:

Example: web+cardano://stake?POOL1=50&POOL2=30&POOL3=20 … intuitive, isn’t it? Something anybody can create, and therefore inevitably decentralised.

The discussion here has been unusually thin. We need developers to comment about it, and I don’t just mean IOHK developers. There’s already been vigorous related discussion about ranking policies and the currently top-heavy, bottom-empty distribution of stake. I’ve heard talk over the last couple of months of “delegation portfolios” but no practical information about how users will be getting them… especially not whether we will be able to create our own, as outlined in this proposal.

It’s a requirement of these CIPs that the community be engaged. However we’re at an impasse because any small stake pool operator would be intrigued by this idea (it was getting likes & shares on Twitter when hashtagged to SPOCRA) but there’s too much of a divide between the small SPOs and the developers for people to feel comfortable saying what they think.

I believe this could be accomplished with some developer responses in layman’s terms trying to anticipate the needs of SPOs, delegators, and community portfolio curators who would (and eventually will) want to create and share delegation portfolios. They will be intimidated, and not know what to ask for, until they see the possibility that IOHK and associates will even allow crowdsourced portfolios.

I understand developers, SPOs and users may be up to their necks in the competition & submission for Project Catalyst proposals now. We still need someone to tell us how to keep these CIPs moving forward. The roughly concurrent CIP from @shawnim (How to Improve Daedalus Rankings) hasn’t been getting any attention from the Cardano institutions either.

If the developer community can’t get under way either progressing or rejecting these proposals, they might as well declare the default intention that Ada stake should remain, indefinitely, as centralised as it is now. I would like to announce something a little more encouraging at whatever time SPOCRA and the small pool community on Twitter becomes involved.

I’m suggesting that community discussion take place on the above thread on this forum, which is also declared in the CIP as the only discussion link for now. However I would welcome any comments below & if a proper discussion finally emerges here I’ll include this link as well. :sunglasses:


p.s. the current priority of Project Catalyst has just made me realise this proposal should also be in the running there. This will give the Cardano organisations, and ultimately the community, a chance to discuss this proposition and its economic value (note you need an Ideascale account to read the contents of this link):

In order to consider this issue in either regard, we still need this CIP to be discussed here on the Cardano Forum. :sunglasses: :pray:

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This is GREAT. I would love to see a URI implemented in the staking wallets.

This way I can hot link to my pool. Right now, there is no elegant way to direct potential delegates to a pool. Tickers are not unique, so while tickers sorta work now. It’s not the optimal solution as someone can effortlessly register the same ticker.


thanks @n0where … please also join in the main thread of discussion here:

… and invite others to post comments about the urgency of this proposal’s implementation. So far this has been like an “announcement” thread with little participation from the SPOs and no feedback from the developers or the CIP editorial team. Posting your observations there, and cross-linking from other threads, might help with that.

For instance I announced there just under 2 weeks ago that single stake pool links (the feature that will suit you the best in the above use case) were officially adopted into CIP-0013… but now the community itself will have to lean on the developers to get them to prioritise this feature in the wallets.

Also, somehow this pivotal development in stake pool marketing is not considered interesting to SPOs on social media (e.g. on Twitter) so maybe you could help spread the word around there as well, e.g.:

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Wow, yeah, I was surprised also when I saw almost no comments on this thread. Thats why I wanted to give it a bump. I’ll certainly check out the other thread. Great news that it looks like this is being implemented!!


This is the most important CIP right now and it needs to get traction by the community. Too many times these posts go on in silence. The community might not know how important this really is and it is our duty to inform them of that fact. Keep up all the good work @COSDpool @n0where

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it’s been 84 years

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Feels like it. On Ch’s last video talking about ISPO pools he talks about CIP 13 by name. So maybe at 100 years we will get it.

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Yeh I only just found this CIP discussion.

With the implementation of Web3 wallets for delegation and projects such as ADAHandle and Adadomains, where does this stand now?

Trying to get a better understanding.

I believe you’re correct: the anticipated wallet connectors are being used as a pretext for delaying the stake pool linking schemes (both URI-based and through JSON files) indefinitely. Yet I don’t know of plans for any dApp connector to provide an API for changing wallet delegation… if so, I hope someone will post a reference here.

As it stands now, Stake Pool URIs are a drafted standard with nobody responsible for implementing them. “Delegation URLs” are still on the “2021 Roadmap” of Yoroi’s home page …

… although stake pool links are still unimplemented in Yoroi (with less than 2 days to go in the year) and this “roadmap” does not extend beyond 2021. :confounded:

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So many good CIP’s are unfortunately collecting dust, but I hope they will get more attention aswell :handshake:

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