Seeking Feedback on a CIP Idea


I’m seeking feedback, including from a development standpoint, on an idea for proposing a CIP:

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From a development standpoint, as well as an administrative or social standpoint, there is no way the linked idea could be accepted as a CIP because it’s well outside the scope of the CIP framework (for reasons already given in the other thread). :face_with_monocle:

If you want to address your idea to IOG or perhaps the Cardano Foundation (whose reps monitor this forum) directly, I would recommend not mentioning the term CIP at all. Perhaps you can attract their attention & get a response based on some other notion of accountability… for instance, this is the longest thread I know of which had the most participation from these companies about a similar idea:


Hi @COSDpool,

I offered responses to your critical feedback in the original post at Idea for Proposing a Cardano Improvement Proposal

Thank you for the link to the CSPA & SPO Fight for True Decentralization post dated October 2020. Reviewing the post in detail, the CIP idea we are discussing seems to build on the solutions proposed in the post by asking to bring in IOG and CF employees.


I have posted a new reply today in the original thread at Idea for Proposing a Cardano Improvement Proposal


I am pleased to report progress engaging in conversation with the community regarding my CIP idea:

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Please also see the following post:

I prepared a draft of my proposal. The idea seems to resonate with some, such as panelists at Cardano Summit 2022 including Frederik Gregaard (CEO, Cardano Foundation).

Continuing to follow the CIP process, I am posting my draft proposal on GitHub here on the Cardano CIPs forum: CIP-x?—I Gave at the Office

Also, comments are now welcome on the related GitHub issue Cardano Governance. Mr. Robert Phair (CIP Editor), thank you for your acknowledgement and respect, leaving my idea open.

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I would like to link the following two topics on the Cardano forum, noting that if my idea were to be implemented, then such issues could potentially be addressed relatively quickly and easily in practice by IO, Cardano Foundation and/or EMURGU employees, if the concerns were deemed to have merit by the same employee(s):


Here is a regular update on engaging with the community to continue shepherding the CIP idea It Takes a Village since November 26th:

  • The CIP idea is renamed from I Gave at the Office to It Takes a Village. The former name was a pun on how the governance model leverages employees working together in an office environment. The new name better reflects the nature of cooperation and coordination that would be required between CF, IO and EMURGO employees as well as the Cardano community in order for the CIP idea to move towards an active status.

  • At the suggestion of GitHub user @ltouro, I approached the team working on the CIP draft named CIP-1694? to connect and discuss potential models of governance for Cardano. In my brief opportunity to learn about CIP-1694? and related work, I found the team extremely focussed on their own efforts and very unwilling to engage in discussion with someone new or explore any potentially different ideas or directions for Cardano governance. The model of governance that CIP-1694? promotes for Cardano seems very similar to the United States model of government. Therefore, CIP-1694? seems to lack genuine creativity or vision. It Takes a Village is and will remain firmly and diametrically opposed to any notion of creating or implementing a “punitive code of law” specific to the Cardano community, as CIP-1694? seems unable to avoid requiring.

  • Based on a mega-thread chat for CIP-1694?, the CIP-1694? team seems to have started development efforts in earnest without formal higher-level planning or project management, which would be expected to lead to increased churn, wasted effort and frustration. Solutions that the CIP-1694? team proposes seem to create further major issues. The CIP-1694? team seems stuck in short-term thinking at the moment.

  • CIP-1694? seems to seek to assign governance roles to Cardano community members. By contrast, It Takes a Village seeks to offer direct responsibilities for governance to IO, CF and EMURGO employees, with management from their respective employers, in a model consistent with stable decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Therefore, choosing between CIP-1694? and It Takes a Village is not necessary. Potentially, both ideas may be implemented asynchronously and co-exist.

  • The #voltaire-governance channel created on November 30th on the CIP Editors Meeting Discord server seems to have crashed.

Cardano’s governance problems are not my problems… while I myself have limited time to spend, with many avenues to explore as well as time to inform people about It Takes a Village, I will continue working towards a model of governance for Cardano based firmly on a vision for the future of Web3.

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That is not my impression. I think it is still very early days, everything is up for discussion, and no implementation details have been agreed.

One problem is that the general discussion is quite fragmented. There is the GitHub site which seeks to only discuss technical issues, but there is also this forum, reddit, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and recently new Matrix rooms for discussion.

Everyone sees that there is a massive problem with social media where all current systems (except Matrix) don’t allow you to own your data. All are permissioned centrally controlled systems and have the power to rug pull your access to your data (except Matrix). Human ingenuity will fix this because so many see the problem and understand the design issues. We all need a good decentralised social media platform but it is going to take some time.

I think we need to work with what we have for now. The CIP-1694 governance design is a massive undertaking.

I found these couple of videos by a16z about governance quite valuable:

For the record and not intended to be a complete list, the following elements essential to civilized society seem missing from CIP-1694?:

  • Fiduciary responsibility or obligation
  • The right to earn a living

To foster meaningful open debate, forums discussing possibilities for Cardano governance need to be moderated.

For further updates on the It Takes a Village CIP draft, see the Change Stake Pool Web site.

There are some important updates in the Abstract section at cardano-improvement-proposals/ at main · paradoxicalsphere/cardano-improvement-proposals · GitHub

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fyi CF Delegation Application Form is open for the next round (July 2023) - #2 by ParadoxicalSphere

Please see updates in the Rationale section at cardano-improvement-proposals/CIP-x/ at main · paradoxicalsphere/cardano-improvement-proposals · GitHub

Some progress is made on the Path to Active section in the CIP idea.

Added Example Use Case at cardano-improvement-proposals/CIP-x/ at main · paradoxicalsphere/cardano-improvement-proposals · GitHub