IOG1 stake pool has 720 delegations, but its largest whale already saturates it alone! If you are one of the 719 other delegations, you are wasting your stake, move to another pool!

See the IOG1 pool saturation: IOG1 stake pool.

Until Daedalus warns about saturation, please spread the word. Not many delegators get the message, but a few do, see IOG1 timeline:


There is a proposal (CIP) in the works to make it easy to direct the superfluous delegation through a shareable URI, to either a specific pool or suggested portfolio, e.g.:


Based on what I’ve seen even on saturated pools’ own Twitter pages this is something that would benefit pools both large and small. This would be a good time for SPOs and delegators to comment on this proposal so wallets & exchange integrations can someday soon accept such URIs: