Former and existing IOG Pools

Dear all,
I’ve a few questions about Pools of IOG:

  1. There is still a running staking pool of IOG, IOG1. Most of the other former IOG staking pools where retired. Is it part of the IOG policy to run IOG1 longer? How does it strengthen decentralisation?

  2. There are 3 private pools of IOG with 64 Mio. ADA pledge each. Is it part of the IOG policy to run these 3 private pools? How does it strengthen decentralisation? Wouldn’t it be helpful to use these 190 Mio. ADA to support single pool operators?

  3. There are still some retired IOG staking pools (IOG15, IOG16, IOG18, IOG19, IOG20) where are millions of ADA delegated to. On each of these pools is sitting one whale of 1.7 Mio. ADA. Do you see any possibility to motivate these delegators to delegate their ADA to single pool operators?


I don’t think the right approach is to pressure IOG by appealing to their altruistic nature.

I think it is better to focus on the incentive models. Take a look at the @Michael.Liesenfelt work:

Also, in terms of concerns about decentralisation, I think the following threats are much bigger:

  • Effective control of stake by centralised exchanges.
  • Effective control of stake through Dapps doing smart contract staking.

With this second one, imagine how much Ada will be held as collateral or liquidity in smart contracts. Sure, some of these Dapps will provide voting mechanisms so users can vote who to stake with but depending on how this is implemented a 50% threshold can control 100% of the stake. (Hopefully the planned multi-staking from a single wallet can mitigate some of this.) However, many Dapp providers may choose to stake with themselves as a method to profit from their Dapp.

He who controls the biggest Dapp controls the most stake.


You keep promoting this CIP as a solution for almost every problem… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Those who delegate to a retired stake pool won’t suddenly switch pools because of this…

Could be that these are wallets where the owners lost acces too…


From what I can see on, the 1.9 mio ADA wallet on IOG15 e.g. has no original ADA but 1.9 Mio. Rewards. So I assume it must be a wallet owned by IOG.
On you can see, that on the wallet there are 2 fungible tokens also, one NFT called “shut up and take my ada”

IOG forgot to withdraw their rewards, before they moved the ADA away? That would be … sad?

@Huth_S0lo What did you do there: :grinning: :grinning:

Charles must have lost his key… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Although I wrote to IOHK I didn’t receive an answer until now - should they care about those “peanuts”?
The Unstaked Rewards of 1.9 M ADA on IOG15 for example belonged to a wallet with approximately 130 M ADA Stake.

However, there are a lot of retired pools still with stake and I saw, that most of them informed users correctly but some are lacking, so some inform on twitter, but their homepage is still running, some deactivated their webpage but don’t have an according message on twitter and so on. Ex Pool Operators should really care about information of retirement.
I wrote a few emails and twitter messages to them, but it’s really hard to see as a SPO that so much stake is unstaked.

CARDAKNOW even has still pledge and stake on their owner Account - but no running Web-Page or twitter account, also 3K ADA Rewards. You may say this are really peanuts, but by the way it’s the worth of a car