IOG delegation strategy

Blog post announcing IOG delegation strategy. SPOs will have to apply.


Thanks @IOHK_Tim for that article… I feel this new programme addresses the related questions that have come up on the forum in the last few weeks regarding IOG’s resolution to support the small pools, as well as particulars about its “incubation” strategy. And thanks to IOG for not forgetting about the little guys :heart_eyes:


Super strategy! Helping the ‘purpose driven’/charity and little pools is fully supporting the goals of cardano, e.g. to change some systems in our current world and make the future of lots off people better, also by giving them entrance to pay and other facilitys by blockchain. Prohd off cardano!

Nice idea, and hope to see a coming next round soon ^^

so, how can it help me single operated pool with zero chances to mine a block?

There are two programs active, the CF one and the IOG. The first aims to help small pools that have a chance to grow, not any pool. They need a minimum pledge and at least one block, to make sure that the pools they are supporting are both financially viable and technically capable. We can agree or not, but I think it makes sense.
The IOG delegation is open to all pools with a mission and/or capable of improving the network trough decentralization. Everyone should have a chance.

sure, its impossible now. thanks.

I think IOHK new delegation strategy shows up a gaping design hole in its proof of stake implementation. The fact that they have to artificially prop up community pools with curator staking in a system that should be de-centralized and able to grow on its own organically is not a good sign for the ‘middle children’ pools. By middle children I mean, the pools run by individuals that were not early adopters and could purchase ADA in high volumes when it was a fraction of a cent, or ‘whales’ like Binance, that can stake 2 ADA but since they have their entire customer bases staking with them they can already mint tens of coins. While the middle children low stake pools are busy trying to come up with ‘causes’ to market their pools on social media for people to stake with them.

IOHK has inadvertently created two ‘classes’ of pools, the haves and the have nots, in their attempt I think, to avoid exactly this situation.