Claiming SundaeSwao rewards

So I staked Cardano for SundaeSwap rewards back in Feb and it looks like I earned 40 sundae tokens. When I go to claim them, it appears I will end up losing a couple dollars to do so. Not much of a reward if you ask me.

Where u can claim the sundae rewards?

As far as I know for the moment u can’t claim sundae rewards via dripdropz… u will can later this year (no details yet)


I thought they had left that possibility open indefinitely, but as @JesusIsKing wrote: With DripDropz’ fees it does not seem profitable for lower amounts of Sundaes right now. still says that they will be available together with the Reverse ISO rewards through SundaeSwap directly later. But there were no news on that for a pretty long time.

was there a question in there??

you can claim your rewards, although it won’t cos you much more than dust to receive them :slight_smile: