Sundaeswap iso

I understand voting has now closed but am i still able to stake on Daedulus to one of the pools to get Sundaeswap tokens as well as ada rewards?
Any help would be mush appreciated.

My understanding is that the SundaeSwap ISO will give you both ADA and Sundae Token rewards but the ISO has not started yet. The team will give you plenty of warning before the ISO starts (twitter/discord). It will run for 5 epochs (25 days). In the meantime you can probably stake to any pool of your choosing.

There will be a large amount of delegators participating so if possible I would recommend considering getting your Sundae tokens directly from the DEX when it launches. This is because 5% of the total available tokens will be shared between a very large population of ISO participants which may mean a fairly meagre spread. I will personally be purchasing tokens directly from the DEX on launch.


yeah, they should provide more infos… what is the rewards rapport for sundae token ?


Token Info
Token name: SUNDAE
Policy ID (contract address): TBD
55% of the SUNDAE supply will go to the public, with 5% of the total supply distributed to Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO) participants among 5 epochs (1% every epoch).

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ok, but if I will stake for example 10k ADA how much I will receive?

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Thanks. I will be doing that anyway but if I stake with one of the iso pool operators anyway through Daedulus is that all I need to do? Thanks again.

Public: 55% *(1,100,000,000 tokens)

So is that 55M tokens for the ISO distribution?
and 1% per epoch… so 11M per Epoch distributed amongst all delegators?

If there are no fees then it depends how much ADA is being staked. So if you sum the total ADA being staked in the Scooper Pools and determine your contribution as a ratio that may give you a very rough
idea. There is probably a definitive calculation of this somewhere…We dont know the total sum of ADA that will be staked to these pools so its a best guess…

Worst case if there are 80 Pools (30 Participating pools some with multi pool) and they are all roughly saturated is that about 80*60Million ADA? - 4,800 000 000M

so 10000/4,800,000,000 * 11M ?

Disclaimer It’s late & Im mostly guessing here.

If you do the math on the above … you will probably want to consider using some of that 10K ADA to just buy the Sundae tokens directly… I think that would be a much smarter move…


From SS -
To achieve this, we intend to implement diminishing rewards in order to mitigate the chances of a whale claiming most of the rewards. With this approach, each additional ADA will earn you fewer SUNDAE in order to benefit smaller ADA holders. We also are reviewing several other methods for whale control which we will continue to explore and may implement prior to the launch of the ISO


Basically Yes - I believe after the ISO has ended you still will need to claim your rewards. You will have quite a while to do this around a year maybe? I cant find the exact information but basically you will need to use a wallet to claim the rewards which will be held in a smart contract. There will be detailed information on how to do this I imagine when the actual ISO starts and has been announced.

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Much appreciated. Yes I couldnt find anyhting either. Lots of conflicting info. hence post.
People saying you could only use nami and yoroi which had me worried.

You dont need to worry - even if you can only use a dAPP enabled wallet(which will allow you to interact with the smart contract holding the rewards). You will have plenty of warning to download the wallet and transfer your ADA to that wallet… the download and setup of Yoroi/Nami/Typhon take minutes and the transfer should also take very little time… unless Hosky token are doing something crazy even so there will be ample time.

I had the same questions and had them answered clearly in a discord chat. So what you heard about Nami and Yoroi is partially true. You can only claim the SUNDAE rewards with a dApp integrated wallet. Here is part of the conversation, I’ll post a screenshot of the full reply below the quote block.

To claim those rewards, and have them in your wallet as normal tokens, you will need to sign a specific transaction, including a signature with your staking keys that earned the Sundae; In order to do this, you need to either use the command line and know how to construct the transaction yourself, a highly technical feat, or use a dApp connected wallet to let us build the transaction, and you sign it.

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 8.36.49 PM


Thanks for clarification. Do you think there will be any exposure to risk or loss in claims process?

So if I stake my whole ADA portfolio to that specific iso pool I would need to transfer the whole of it to that dapp enabled wallet later to claim the sundaeswap tokens or just the token that will be airdropped to daedulus?

Are daedulus team trying to develop this functionality as we speak for this and other dex iso offerings?

So you can transfer as much ADA to the dAPP enabled wallet(yoroi) as you want but the more ADA you transfer the more sundae swap you are likely to get. The SundaeSwap team seem to have indicated there is an upper limit to how much ADA you can stake before the rewards actually reverse and you get less. You will need to delegate your yoroi wallet to the specific ISO pool after you have transferred your ADA across.

After the ISO finishes you will be able to claim the rewards with your Yoroi wallet by signing a specifc transaction. After you have received the tokens to your yoroi wallet you can then transfer those tokens back to daedalus if you wish as well as the ADA you hold in the yoroi wallet.

I think there is little risk if you follow the instructions given by SundaeSwap when they are released in the coming weeks/months


Thanks. Would there be any additional incentive for staking with them now in advance of the iso?

No additional incentive other than just peace of mind from the fact that you won’t have to do it later.

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My question about the ISO based on information from Cardano Stake Pool Explorer

What does “table order filled by %” mean? The lower the percentage the more likely to be filled? Or the higher the percentage the more likely? Or is higher the % the more sundae received vs ada received?

I’m assuming not all pools will get sundae by the stats because of the difference between “end of vote stats” and “live stats”

Any ideas or information? Just trying to figure out if there is any incentive to delegate to a specific pool based on what rewards will be received by that pool vs a different one. Thanks

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This is the Saturation percentage. Once a pool reaches the point of saturation, it will offer diminishing rewards, so you don’t want to stake with a pool that has 100% saturation. Saturation was designed to prevent centralization.

There’s a few places that talk about how you have to get at least 60 SS tokens in order to claim any of it, and some mention the approximate number of having to stake 2500 ADA (at the price of $1.75). Is that true? For those who have less than 2500 ADA to stake, is there no way to get the SS rewards by staking in one of the selected pools?