How do you chose to who delegate SUNDAE SWAP with ADA coins to?

Hi guys,

I am almost set up with everything it terms of the funds, wallets etc. However, the last step I am just a little bit confused about.

When it comes to actually swapping ADA for SUNDAE SWAP there is a long list to whom I should delegate the coins to and I just want to be sure I don’t send it to the wrong place.

It might be a simple step which I probably missed but I am new to ISO and want to make sure I am doing everything correctly.
Any information is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Why would you even want to stake with them? They talk about setting their pools margin to 100%. Is it then still transparently visible? What is the active stake? What is their pledge? How do the returns compare to public stake pools? What is the cost for each winning block?

All questions, we would not need to ask if that information wasn’t hidden? Is this perhaps a scam or a rip off? I personally, would want to see clear evidence on why this is better than a public pool.

A similar question has been asked recently over here.


Hi there, isnt the point of staking with them that you earn SUNDAE tokens instead of ADA?
That is my understanding. I think you might be missing the point.
Its an ISO “Initial Stake Offering”. Instead of investing in the new project via an IDO or ICO, we stake our ADA and that is our investment.
It is an investment in an early project none the less.
So if someone doesnt want to invest in it they’d obviously not do the staking.
I think maybe you missed that pretty important point…

Fair enough. In that case - good luck to all.