Looking for a list of Sundae Swap pools

Just as the title says. Send some links if you got em!

Thank you

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Thank you.

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Am i correct, that if were staked to one of the cardano pools on the above list, were staked for sundaeswap. or do I need to specifically delegate? if so can someone explain?

U will need just to delegate to one pool from the list, that’s all

Awesome, so I’ll stay in my pool now…. And reap the rewards? Is it correct we’ll start receiving sundaeswap instead of ada? I’m still learning and my mentor is dealing with some things right now so we haven’t been able to connect. Thank you for the help!

U will receive ADA + sundaeswap tokens when they will launch on mainnet (no date yet)

Since Sunday swap still has not announced when the tokens will be disbursed, what is the benefit to staking to those selected pools at this time? Do we run the risk of the pools filling up as soon as they make the announcement?

for the moment same benefit as any other pool from Cardano, you will earn only ADA rewards… I don’t know when they will start on mainnet (no dates yet)

Thank you for the repsonce. Thant makes sence, I guss I am concerened that as soon as they announce it, all the pools will fill up. What do you think?