SundaeSwap Reverse ISO

Quick question, if I delegate in a SundaeSwap Reverse ISO stake pool now, will I get the same amount of rewards on the 24th of February as if I’d staked on the 19th of February or will I get less rewards?

If you delegate now, it will be in the snapshot of the 2022-02-24, it will be active (be used for calculating, which pools get to produce blocks) in epoch 324 from 2022-03-01 to 2022-03-06, and you will get rewards for that on 2022-03-11. (If you deregister your stake key before that, you will not get the rewards, but you can move most of the ADA away before that at any time, it will always just reduce the rewards you get three epochs later.)

If you had delegated already before the snapshot on 2022-02-19, it would have been active already for epoch 323 from 2022-02-24 to 2022-03-01, and you would have gotten rewards for that on 2022-03-06.

One epoch more of rewards is quite obviously more. (…, unless you were delegated to another pool. Then it might be more or less depending on the comparison between the two pools.)

(When you will get your SUNDAE is a totally independent question. SundaeSwap has to sort that out. It’s their thing, while the staking rewards are built into the protocol.)

Sorry from my understanding of your answer, the rewards will be the same correct? Or am I wrong?

Yes. The initial date was not clear. The snapshot on 24th of February, 21:45 UTC is the one that matters for the Sundae rewards.

For the SUNDAE rewards, only the delegation on 24th of February matters. You can delegate on 24th before 21:45 UTC and remove all your ADA at 21:47 UTC and it will still be the same.

For the normal ADA rewards, more epochs are more rewards.

Thank you, if that’s the case, why is everyone mentioning the 19th of February has some type of importance, what type of importance does it play?

The initially had the 19th on their website. They are a very unreliable, chaotic bunch of people, which we do not even know.

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Oh I se I get that, I understand, so just to make it clear, is there only one epoch full of Sundae rewards or is there 4 or 5 this time around? Thanks for your help

“Proposal Edit 1: Duration of Reverse ISO changed from 5 epochs to 1 epoch to bootstrap re-distribution.” The Reverse ISO Proposal: Promoting Cardano’s Decentralization | by SundaeSwap Labs | Feb, 2022 | Medium

They changed it from 5 epochs to 1, so it will be just 1 epoch now, which means you can remove ADA or redelegate minutes after the snapshot on 24th.

Ok thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Can you claim your rewards with Daedulus wallet?
Is it worth waiting for reverse rewards and then claiming all in one go? Is it true you have up to 1 year to claim?
Why are these things never straight forward? It appears that the developers behind it never even know most of the time!
Sorry for all the questions but its hard to find a solid source of clear and concise info.

Yes, DripDropz works with any wallet. You tell it, for which address/stake address you want to claim and it tells you, where to send 3 ADA (can be done with any wallet app) and it then sends the tokens to the main address you were looking up (can also be in any wallet app). They will send 1.x ADA back with the tokens, so that the whole fun will cost you 1.x ADA.

Note, that says: “Later this year: Sundae ISO Rewards and Reverse ISO rewards available without additional fee through SundaeSwap”

As they say (again on “Note that Reverse ISO Rewards will not be available through DripDropz”

So, your decision: Just the ISO rewards now for a small fee to DripDropz or all together later. (But “through SundaeSwap” might mean dApp, which will not be possible with Daedalus.)

Yes, they said so. Somewhere on their Medium account, I think.

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I always appreciate your responses. You are a star and asset to the community mate!