SundaeSWap Rewards Calculation

I’m wondering can anybody help me answer this hypothetical question. If I was to stake 1 million ADA for example into a SundaeSwap stake pool over the 5 epochs, how much Sundae tokens or alternatively how much ADA would I get back in rewards at the end of the 5 epochs? What way is the ISO rewards calculated. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The total swap token available/shared for these 5 epochs divided to the total ada delegated… (I assume) and u will have the ss token earn for 1 ADA

U can check this topic were I asked same question for 15k ADA stake … and someone did the math

I have my ada staked for 1,1 epoch already but not recieve any rewards? Or sundaeswap

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I thought iso staking only started on 25th, so the reward will be on 30th at the earliest, no?

If it would be coupled to the normal staking cycle – snapshot on 01-25 and then active from 01-30 to 02-04 – the rewards would come on 02-09.

But they are doing something independent of the reward calculation of the protocol. They can, of course, decide to use the snapshot of 01-25 immediately after it was taken.

understand that ss using live stake not active stake, you don’t have to wait 2 epochs…


Is it even worth claiming these seeing as Sundaswap is a load of shite and pretty pointless?
Also, any clarity on the process for claiming yet?

Nope, not that I can find anything on or But you can at least get a forecast at the latter.

How is it more pointless than could have been known long before its start?

They announced that you can swap native tokens and you can swap native tokens – unbelievably slow for the SUNDAE/ADA pair, but okayish for the others.

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I took a look but just didnt see the point piling in good after bad when my ADA bag is already bleeding like a headless chicken.

Is it perfectly safe to check potential rewards with the Sundaswap calculator?:-

Anyone else know of a site or chart showing rewards for reverse iso pools without checking them individually on ada pools? I know there was a great chart for iso rewards last time but cant find anything for this one.

Whats peoples thoughts and are you bothering and can anything potentially go wrong when claiming after March 1st?


Why should it not be safe? You only give them a stake address (or another address of your wallet). It’s totally public information, anyway.

Thanks HeptaSean. Receive address then? I was also curious of link as it wasnt on their website and I found it through another source. Not sure why they post important information through so many other channels except their website. Surely that should be the first for updates.
I dont use twitter! Dont need any more distractions, thank you.

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I’ve always used stake address, but receive address works as well as I just tested. Stake address is contained in the receive address, anyway.

Yes. I also still have not understood how they decide if something goes on their website or only on their Medium channel (which was especially hilarious, when Medium had blocked them for some hours/days).


I know, odd choice of communication and raises potential doubts when you read it everywhere except their own website. Ridiculous.

Do you know where stake address is on Daedulus wallet?

Thanks for your speedy input and help HS!

At least, it’s a subdomain of their own website. If that wasn’t safe, there would be bigger problems.

On the “Rewards” tab in the delegation section (second from top on the left side).

Reverse iso rewards likely to be similar amount to first round iso?

I changed pools but transaction is still pending and pool change isnt showing on Deadulus. Never seen that before. Is that probably just down to congestion on the network and should I just leave it?

Yeah, just leave it for a while. Transactions on also take a couple of minutes to go through for me now. You have four more days if it is not there tomorrow.

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