SundaeSwap staking

Apologies in advance if it sounds daft but i am not seeing any ADA rewards after I staked my ADA to a pool which is in SundaeSwap ISO list. The pool is 97% saturated.

I dont mind not getting any ADA rewards as I only staked to receive SundaeSwap rewards but wants to know if its a normal behaviour?

I haven’t participated but check if the pool margin is 100% which means that all rewards go to SundaeSwap, which is actually the point of an ISO. They get all the ADA rewards, you get the Sundae tokens.

If you staked before the snapshot on 2022-01-25, the stake will be active from 2022-01-30 till 2022-02-04 and the rewards will be distributed on 2022-02-09.

There is always a three-epoch (15-day) delay between the snapshot recording a delegation and the rewards being paid out.

(This does not necessarily have much to do with how SundaeSwap will distribute their tokens. They said that they will use the snapshots 2022-01-25 and the four following epochs and that you will have to claim them with some process.

But they can start that process earlier or later than the staking rewards that are officially distributed by the protocol. It’s entirely their thing, while staking rewards are part of the Cardano protocol.)

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No you still get your Ada rewards as normal while participating in a Sundae ISO pool

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