Sundaeswap iso

Ledgers are regarded as one of the best platforms for security. While the risk may be fairly low on a PC with decent security (proper firewall, no malware etc) there are always risks - if an adversary has access to your system and has installed a backdoor and a keylogger they can theoretically get control of your wallet.

If you don’t have a hardware wallet there are other steps you can take to reduce your risk. Cold wallets or Air-gapped machines (no internet connection). If you don’t have a hardware wallet and have a machine with a clean OS install that you are happy to use just as a wallet and only connect it to the internet when you need to spend/receive funds that would also reduce your risk. I am no expert though and Ledgers are kind of the default gold standard for crypto security

I’m not familiar with any of the specifics of the reward mechanisms the best place to enquire is on the SundaeSwap discord - you can find a link on their twitter page. There will almost certainly be very detailed explanations given by the team closer to the actual go-live date. The sundae team are known to release high-quality instructions/information.

If most of the cryptography experts don’t trust themselves to maintain security of their systems without hardware wallet, should you?

Thanks. Some interesting food for thought. Use MacOS for DW.
What if I get one and lose it, it breaks or becomes obsolescent?