./cncli.sh leaderlog after Alonzo

Can i immediately de-register the Pool and re-direct tADAs into its linked wallet to another wallet which is linked with a working Pool ?

Yeah, tmADA are inside the wallet not related with the pool, u can go and delegate the wallet to the working pool - cntools - funds - delegate

But on mainnet u will need to retire the pool because u will receive the 500ADA pool registration cost back, otherwise u will lose 500 ADA and u will not want this :slight_smile:

This wallet was earlier linked with another Pool(SWEETPOOL) which i de-registered later after a week or so.

Then i linked this wallet with a different Pool (SWEETPOOL2). However my node is currently not running with this Pool but SWEETPOOL1.

Does that answer below Enterprise Funds & Rewards ? And how to delegate Enterprise Funds & Rewards to another Pool ? Does delegation from a Wallet work as a basket and include even the Enterprise Funds, Rewards ?

Address : addr_test1qz6usgk2zhqwmkk34lr30c65r4p968xvuqp25j7e0gjnztnpflskcdn4q73zm6tcc5t5nweft7js2zpl2a8tf83l56tqsmanut
Funds : 9,795.586951 Ada
Enterprise Address : addr_test1vz6usgk2zhqwmkk34lr30c65r4p968xvuqp25j7e0gjnzts7nzr2r
Enterprise Funds : 100.000000 Ada
Rewards : 500.000000 Ada
Delegated to SWEETPOOL2 (pool12mkc6dyu474ceqzzvxmz2h7n64m5duthns4aqn3r4x5qjcdk5cg)

I told u, go to cntools - funds - delegate
choose the wallet u want to redelegate, press next then choose the pool

That’s all, or
U can go to cntools - funds - send and move the ADA from this wallet to the correct wallet

It’s up to u how u will preffer