Hello guys. After the release of the new cnft project Baby Aliens Club on, the site came across with lots of problems. They had to close the site 2 times in a row in less than 48 hours cause they couldnt handle all that massive buyings-sellings. Also even when the mining of BAC started most of ADA wallets crashed. My 1rst question is this. Does uses smart contracts function and if so why they failed? Also about ada wallets, does it mean that every time we have a new massive cnft project launching they gonna crash? Maybe we are not ready for cnfts untill Hydra era? What are your thoughts?

For all CNFT.IO updates I recommend you check their lead developers twitter:
or their Discord server: CNFT | Cardano NFTs

CNFT.IO doesn’t use smart contracts yet. They are just in a process of building one for royalties.

CNFT.IO can’t crash your wallet. Your wallet is separate from CNFT.IO. If you are experiencing any issues with your wallet that is a different issue. I’m on CNFT.IO and I didn’t experience any wallet issue. I use Daedalus.

I been buying and selling CNFTs even before smart contracts. CNFTs are on layer one and function just fine with out smart contracts or even exchanges. Since they are on layer one, same as native tokens, makes CNFTs the safest form of NFTs to own. Any work on layer two will not affect your ownership or transactability of your CNFTs. CNFTs have been working fine since they were introduce in Mary Hard Fork (in February) and they don’t need anything else to be fine. All the other upgrades just allow for them to be better.

Most of the issues are with of-chain problems such as servers, databases and integration. Also, sites like CNFT.IO are only a couple of months old, they will have many crashes like this before they get to mostly stable platform. This is all new for everyone, so it will take a while for new projects like CNFT.IO to figure out all the bugs. I recommend you treat all this new projects like they are in open beta phase and expect days where servers will be down for a while for them to improve the site.

As far as I can see CNFT.IO is becoming the best CNFT trading site. They have over 200,000 CNFTs listed on there and since they opened there was over 30,000,000 ADA in sales volume already. That’s in just 2 months. This is more then 100 times any other site currently operational.

However, if you don’t like to deal with bugs, down servers and other early adapters issues, you can just wait a few months until most of the bugs have been found and dealt with.

I’m definitely not waiting. Got my CNFT collections going already and I’m now collecting only CNFTs. After seeing how awesome Cardano NFTs are I decided that all NFTs I get from now on will be CNFTs. I was even lucky enough to snatch Mythos collection Charles Cosmos CNFT before they sold out in 20 minutes. Now they are selling already for 650 ADA. :smiley:

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‘‘CNFT.IO can’t crash your wallet. Your wallet is separate from CNFT.IO. If you are experiencing any issues with your wallet that is a different issue. I’m on CNFT.IO and I didn’t experience any wallet issue. I use Daedalus’’

I know It’s clearly yoroi’s issue. I just wanted to mention that too. If you check BAC discord you can confirm that all wallets(yoroi,nami,deadalus) crashed the day of release throught to massive transactions took place same time. 20k people tried to mint same time and yoroi couldnt handle. It took them 8 hours to fix it. So I am worried about the next big project that is going to take place and if everything goes smooth or it is going to be another crash. And plz dont get me wrong i love and support cardano and the community, i just point out my experience to give feedback and help the community to grow.

As you suggested I checked their Discord as well as their Twitter. There was no mention of any wallets crashing. Here is their official response of what happened:

It was only network congestion that seem to have cleared up.

So network congestion is not considered crashing? Forgive me if i am wrong, but i remember plenty of users in the chat mention crashing and mods posted your quote about congestion. At that time people were in panic and afraid not to get scammed, it was a mess. At the end, all worked but the next day closed for the 1rst time when people tried to sell their cnfts. After that they fixed the problem and then the site closed again for maintenance… Too sad It’s the only legit place you can sell-buy cnfts, but this is not a good start in my perspective. Hope they fix it soon. Anyways, thank you for your time to answer my questions and to share your thoughts on this matter!

Definitely not considered wallet crashing. Network congestion may slow down wallet sync or have transactions hang for a while until they clear. No matter what the project is, it is not going to be able to crash 1.8 million wallets. There are 2 parts to any Cardano wallet: Your on chain addresses with your UTxOs and your UI. Your wallet UTxOs and addresses are safe on the network and your wallet UI is on your computer. Nothing that project does can crash either of those things. What could happen is that only people that purchased this NFT could end up with laggy transactions that may take a while to clear. This happens daily with some exchanges that haven’t set up their Cardano protocols properly. But either way, your wallet is safe.

Panic and fear makes people think of the worst case scenarios. Don’t let that emotional roller-coaster affect your judgment.

This is gonna keep happening for a while. This is all new to everyone, so devs have to learn as they go. The good thing is that they always come back better then they were before. :+1:

This is a price we pay for being early adapters. :smiley: However, in a year from now you’ll be glad you were using them even with all their issues 'cause all the people that gave up and didn’t use them will not have CNFTs that you have.

Don’t mind the bugs and keep collecting :v:

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Friendly reminder to not expect anything from what you did not earn.

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Let’s be honest, who literally gives a [insert expletive] about a token linking to an pinned image on IPFS?

Keep your shirts on. The real use cases for blockchain haven’t even been materialized yet and certainly will not be available until 2025. Anyone worried about access to flavor of the week NFT craze needs to get a grip. As someone who was around before Google, Amazon, or the internet even existed let me tell you the best is yet to come.

Guess what? It isn’t about Baby Aliens …