Co-Development Opportunity to Fight COVID-19 (Non-ADA, Non-Crypto Topic)

Hey guys,

This is Mihori, it’s been a while since my last post, and this is not a crypto topic, but it’s a serious issue we’re facing worldwide, the COVID-19.

We’re working with an IT manufacture in China to build a fully autonomous sanitizing & cleaning robot, which specifically can be used in commercial building area and train/subway station and platform. You can see the illustration from the following sample photos:

If you know any firm or public agency might have interests in these products, please let me know. We can co-build and supply, or do OEM for your firm in order to satisfy some special needs for specifics uses.

Meanwhile, if you or anyone is in need of any personal protection supplies such as disposal masks, I could help with finding suppliers for in China.

Feel free to PM me here or find me in twitter @dimensionEdwin

Stay safe and let’s fight this one together!

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