Coming from the Ethereum world what is the Cardano equivalent of the Ethereum Remix IDE?

I am coming from the Ethereum world and want to know how I can build and run testnet Cardano contracts using just a web browser, similar to ( Ethereum Remix IDE) in the Ethereum world

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You can try Marlow.
It has no code option with just drag and drop blocks.

Or if you want full intro and to clone github, start with Intro here:

Not sure if they integrated deployment from the same window yet.
To deploy on testnet you can use CLI

For mainnet you have to make it a Plutus version.

Honestly, before you start, your best bet is to join IOG Tech community on Discord. You will find a lot more on there.

The sections you want to focus on are ask-marlow and ask-plutus.

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Ok, thanks, I’ll try Marlowe