Is it possible to use Marlowe to Deploy Smart Contract?

Dear Support,

I’ve been learning Marlowe language and test it in Playground for some time, I was wondering is it possible for deploying Marlowe in the Mainnet?

If yes, how does it goes about it?

Support is not there on mainnet yet, but you should be able to with testnet.

I would start by looking into the marlowe-cli

Still not in the Mainnet environment, it has been like few years though. Marlowe have cli? I didn’t know about this but thanks for the link. How I wish if Marlowe can go Mainnet someday…


My plan has been to go back in and wrap it for python, just a matter of finding time. Pretty sure they announce a pioneer program for Marlowe which means integration on mainnet should be coming.

And for that I’m not sure how long do we have to wait. I’m pretty sure that if Marlowe goes Mainnet, I believe more and more users will be thrilled. =)

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