Marlowe is a game changer and potential use case for Cardano smart contracts

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick synopsis of Marlowe and a use case that I’ve been thinking of. Marlowe is my favorite part of Cardano. If this sticks, I think institutions will use Marlowe as the smart contract standard.



Very informative video. I watched your Marlowe vid earlier and experimented with the Blockly editor. This type of visual scripting has great potential imo.

My one suggestion is an improved UI or interface. In my opinion Unreal Engines “Blueprint system” is a perfect example of an intuitive interface for visual programming. As a designer I’ve built some relatively complex games using blueprints only.


I like it. Its the same, but better. The separation and the lines works nicely. I think, in the fullness of time, we should try to get it done.