Writing Cardano Smart Contracts with Marlowe Playground

Here’s a short and quick tutorial/use case video for Cardano Smart Contracts and start-up companies.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/IleL43isQCI


could be a bit more coherent and illustrative, otherwise good effort!

not many making tuts for marlowe given that it’s functionality won’t come online till the voltaire release, but i like your thinking ahead. the promise for dsl is great, if we could make the content reach as far as the possible users of the simplified block-based visual programming can.

i mean anyone who can use tynker or scratch (kids) can create ideas manifested on cardano, imagine the possibilities!


Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep your advice in mind when creating education content in the future



I own some Ada coins and really hope it blows up, but my question is why will Cardano blow up when there are so many crypt companies talking about how they have smart contracts and they all say the same things it seems like. What makes Cardano so special? I’m legit just wondering looking for any feedback . Thanks

This is a great piece of programing shown on this video. Why isn’t this marketed in a cool way? Nice interface for smart contracts i’ve seen without the actual need for coding…

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I think Jose below you kinda gave you a quick example for your question…

In a nutshell the programing languages that Cardano will be using (Marlowe and Plutus) are very useful for making secure verifiable smart contracts. Believe it or not smart contract languages that have been used up to this point are prone to bugs that can be exploited. The people who are writing these languages are tops in their field as well. There are also aspects of how the system works that make it better as well. Like the extended UTXO accounting model that allows devs to know what gas fees are before execution. Marlowe in addition to being secure is a domain specific language that makes it very easy for non programmers like lawyers and accountants to create smart contracts. Other stuff too but suffice it to say that the team that designed it are really among the best if not the best in class.


I think there is a gap to be mended here. Somehow people programing smartcontracts should elaborate a "dictionary " or glossary to explain what actions do the functions produce or intend to produce…

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